Monday, May 21, 2012

Sick From Eating ... Pizza Style!

Dear family!!

So another rough week here but we were able to make it fun.  I had a division with Elder Bowman, who is a really good friend of mine and he's really fun.  So that was a good time.  Elder Knoblauch did one with Elder Davis on another day and since we live in the same house, I got to hang out with him.  He’s also way cool.  Since Elder Knoblauch is taking off on Wednesday, we went to a pizza place.  It’s an all you can eat pizza restaurant and an investigator told me and him about it on a division we did in his area.  We planned it out to go there … us four and the investigator and his family.  We decided to have a “Pizza Eat Off” so Thursday night at 7 o’clock the fun began.  Oh man!  It was crazy!!  We started off even.  Every time they came by with pizza, we both grabbed one.  Then I got a call from a member of the bishopric so I had to talk to him for a bit.  When I got back, I was behind by one pizza slice.  Then we got another call so I got behind by 2.  Later, a guy came by with pizza and only had 2 slices.  Elder Knoblauch grabbed one.  Me and a kid there wanted the other, so I let the kid have it and was left behind by 3 slices!  I had a lot of ground to make up.  I managed to narrow the gap to just 1, but in the end I lost.  The final count … Elder Knoblauch 14 and Elder Fox 13.  :(  When it was all done, we started feeling way sick.  I went outside for some air and he came with me.  After we hobbled outside I was feeling horrible and ended up going back inside, to the bathroom, and threw up in the toilet.  Now I felt much better.  On the other hand … Elder Knoblauch was feeling like crap the entire night.  Elder Lago went into the bathroom and was there for an hour.  I went and knocked on the door (it was one of those little rooms so it didn’t have a bunch of stalls; just the main door that you lock) and he wasn’t responding.  The manager came over and said, "Hey man, is your friend ok?"  I just shrugged and said, “I hope so.”  Finally he came out and made up some kind of dumb excuse about why he was in there so long.  haha  He only ate eight pieces too!  That was nothing!

As far as the work goes, it’s still super hard.  I always thought that tracting was sucky in the U.S. (from the days I went out with the missionaries) but it’s 100 times better than here.  NO ONE wants anything to do with us.  It’s nuts!  However, I found out the Relief Society President’s husband isn’t a member so I want to try and teach him.  He more or less gave a challenge too.  At this time I didn’t know he wasn’t a member, but he said, "The Elder that baptizes me will become a member of the 70."  Basically he was saying he'll be hard and he needs someone that will become a General Authority to baptize him.  I thought he was just talking about the Elder that baptized him, not that will baptize him.  So I’m going to try and prove him wrong and prove that normal missionaries like me and my companion will be able to do it and not someone that will become a General Authority.  haha  Well, that’s the plan at least.  It’ll just depend if he'll open up his heart, because I’m sure that Heavenly Father will help us out.  At least it'll give us someone to teach.  But it’s going to be a tough one.  So we’ll see what happens.  We also found out about a daughter of a member that was never baptized so we’re going to try with her too.  So ya.  Hopefully things will turn around

What was the present that Sister Honey gave you Mom?  You never said.  And, yes, it’s the same team that I gave the jersey to Peter.  The story with that team is that when I first got here it was the first team I heard about and plus I liked the colors.  However, I hadn’t decided on a team yet.  It turned into a big argument with the members in my first area … all trying to "convert" me to their teams.  In the end, the Bishop there said, “Ok.  I’ll give you some advice Elder.  You can make the decision but I’ll just tell you about these teams ok?”  (There’s 4 big teams here in São Paulo that everyone cheers for: Santos, Corinthians, Palmeiras, and São Paulo and they all have their stereotypes which is what he used.)  He continued, “So you can cheer for Santos but they’re forgettable.”  (An expression which in Portuguêse means really bad and no one wants anything to do with that thing). “Corinthians … they’ll all call you a bandit and a thief.  They’ll hide their money and cell phones, and not let you into their houses.  Next is São Paulo.  Everyone will call you gay.  Last is Palmeiras and they'll call you a pig.  Personally, I think a pig is the best out of all of them, but you can make you decision.  Just remember that the others teams are sins.”  haha  So it was official!  After that I chose Palmeiras.  Afterwards the bishop gave me a jersey.  One of the first ones of the team so it’s really old and kind of big on me, but its still cool.

That member that sent you the message for me is a girl, not a guy.  haha  And to respond to you’re question about calling for the numbers … every Sunday we have to report our numbers.  I call all the missionaries in my district and then pass all the numbers to the Zone Leaders who pass them to the Assistants who pass them to the President.  Did I not tell you guys I’m a District Leader?  I’ve been one for a while.  That would make sense why Dad asked if there are District Leaders in our mission if I didn’t tell you guys about that.  But, ya, I have to get the numbers from everyone every Sunday.

Today we played tennis (that was way fun) and then came back home.  The place we played tennis at was way far from out house, but they rent out racquets and balls for free there so it was a fun time.  Now we’re just waiting on the transfer calls.  I’ll let you guys know what happens but I’m thinking we'll both stay here.  I’m kind of hoping my companion will get transferred.  Not that we don’t get along, but he's been here for a while and it’s a hard area.  I think he deserves to get to a slightly easier area after six months here.  If he stays … no worries … right on … and maybe we can change this place around.

I have to get going now.  I love you guys tons and miss you all a lot too.  I hope you’re all doing great, and send me some pictures of the tables at the Mormon prom ok?  I love you all!!!


P.S. Tell Buddy I really liked the newsletter he wrote.  He wrote it for April, but I just got it.  It was way good.  My favorite so far!

P.P.S. I got the pictures on a DVD so it will be all the pictures, up until Sunday, from my whole mission.  There will be some you already have, but a lot of new ones.  Also, there’s a bunch of pictures from a wedding we did and they asked me to take pictures for them.  When I put it on their computer it moved all the pictures to another file and I couldn’t delete them on my camera because on the camera it only shows the photos in one certain file.  But, ya, that’s why there will be a bunch if you’re wondering.

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