Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Treat From Your "Peeps" Back Home!

(We decorated Elder Fox's box with these labels in different colors on every side.)

(The girls went to work making "Missionary Peeps" to add to the box of baskets, candies, plastic eggs, favorite party foods from home, etc.)
Dear Family!!!

Alright … so today was such a crazy race.  Today was our p-day (I thought I mentioned it being moved in my last email) and we got to go to the temple.  We woke up 6:30 as always, but then it was quite the scramble.  Four guys in a little apartment is a bit difficult to get ready.  Mainly because two of them just sit around and then try and rush last minute, but both still have to take showers and their showers are always super long.  Unfortunately, one was my companion and the other was the companion of the other companionship, so we couldn’t just take off without them.  However, once they were ready, we took off running out the door and raced to the metro station and got on the metro.  These stations are sooooooo crowded and crazy here in São Paulo.  Imagine the subway stations in New York when everyone is going to
work and that’s how it is here.  A lady almost got trampled and some guy was standing close to the door and got shoved out with the crowd of people even though he was needing to stay on the train.  It’s craziness!  Especially when we got to the second station which is even bigger with lots of train lines, people going in all different directions and pushing and shoving … craziness!  Then after the madness of the metros, we got on a bus (you guys will see how crazy buses are here when you come), and finally arrived at the temple.  The plan was to get there early to do initiatory before the session, but they only had a certain number that they would let do it.  It was all set up.  Only three companionships could do them and we had two of them ready to go.  When the temple worker asked, “Who are the missionaries that wanted to do the initiatory work?” … other Elders came out of nowhere.  Only one companionship from our group ended up doing them.  It was a little disappointing, but no big deal.  The session was great!!  I love going to the temple so much!!!  That’s one of the only down sides to being in the Interior (outside of the Capitol city).  You can’t go to the temple.  While I was in Cidade Nova, I couldn’t go.

About the peeps … they were really cool looking.  I wrote about that in an email from last week … but, ya, they were sweet!  And speaking of packages … my “Hump Day” package got here … but … it got held up and I have to pay to get it released.  It’s $176 reais and right now the dollar is worth $1.91 reais so it’ll be like $90 something dollars.  Let me know if you want me to pull out the money and pay for it.  Please let me know on Monday so I can pull out the money and send it to the office with the Zone Leaders.  They’re going to a meeting on Wednesday and the deadline is the 17th so next week will be perfect to pull it out.  Please let me know what you want me to do.

Hump Day was kind of uneventful.  There was a leadership training for the first half of the day, but that was cool and I learned a lot and got to see a bunch of my friends on the mission.  Then we got home late and were super tired.  The rest of the day was cruddy and I was a little bummed out by certain things that happened.  Basically, it was just one of those days that aren’t too common, but when they happen it sucks.

About the Mother’s Day call … the only time that works for my companion’s family is one o’clock in the afternoon.  That’ll be in the morning for you guys.  I think we’re like four hours ahead so it’ll be around 9 am.  Is that ok for you guys?  I might call a little bit later though because he'll probably use Skype too.  I’ll let him go first, if they only have one computer, so I’ll be a little later.  We’ll work everything out on our end and I’ll let you guys know on Monday but it’ll be in the morning time for you guys.

As far as those things you wanted me to translate … "fox é muito legal" means “fox is really cool” and "família linda" means “beautiful family”.  Except “linda” is more than beautiful.  Like beautiful is “bonita” and so “linda” is even more than beautiful.

I’m kind of short on time because we have a ward activity that I planned out that we’re going to have to run over to, so I’m kind of rushing.  Sorry!  On the plus side, you guys won’t have to wait as long for an email.  This last week was hard to be honest … but good.  This area is really hard to work in, but it’s challenges that make us grow and bring blessings, right?  I’ve been learning a lot here.  We do lots of contacts because we only have 3 investigators.  What I mean by that, are people that are interested and we’re teaching regularly.  It’s hard.  We marked a baptismal date though, so at least one of our three will be baptized.  It was a real fight to finally get those people to teach, but we got a date set up.  She'll be baptized next Saturday if all goes as planned.  That’s pretty much it so I better get running now.  I love you guys so much.  Sorry this email is so rushed.

I love you all and miss you tons!


P.S. - Remember that when the package arrives, there are presents in it that no one can see except Dad.  Dad and Peter can open their presents.  Has it gotten there yet?

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