Monday, June 25, 2012

Pizza Hut ... A Little Slice From Home!

Dear Family!!

Hey guys!!!  Man today was fun but kind of crazy.  Today we woke up and cleaned a little bit.  I prepared for my training tomorrow too … let’s see if President will finally go.  haha  Then we took off for the park.  We met up with the Elders from Hortal Florestal.  They are Elder Bowman and Elder Espiritu.  Elder Bowman is awesome and one of my better friends here on the mission.  We were in the same zone in Itú and then both got transferred out here together and I’m his District Leader so we get to talk a lot and have a good time.  Today we went and played volleyball at the park, and then a bit of basketball with some people there.  Generally the basketball courts are empty or they play soccer on them, but there were some guys playing ball and we went and played with them.

Once all the playing was out of the way, we went to Pizza Hut!  Pizza Hut here is really expensive.  A pizza is 55-60 reais!!!  Just compare that to 24 reais … that’s how much it costs for an all-you-can-eat pizza place.  We went and had it anyways.  It was delicious!  I was slightly trunky because it’s like Pizza Hut from home.  (Pizzas here are completely different from home.)  Even the pepperoni there was like the Pizza Huts at home!  After that, we messed around at the mall a little because Pizza Hut is inside the mall, and then took off.  A pigeon took a huge crap on my shirt!  I was pretty mad at that … just a side note … and then we came here and now I’m writing the best family ever!

This last week nothing new happened.  Like nothing too crazy.  We have an investigator that does hair.  She cuts my hair for me and I’m her little model basically because every time we stop by her salon she tells everyone there, “Hey!  Look at this good looking American here!  I cut his hair.”  haha  She does a good job though so no problem.  It was funny the last time we stopped by.  She looked at my hair and was like, “Oh!  This will not do!”  I asked her what and she said, “Oh it’s growing out a bit here on the border of you hair.  I’ll trim it for you.”  She sat me down and trimmed up my hair for me and got it all short again.  Haha  It wasn’t even that long but, works for me.  It was free and my hair stays short.  Anyways, I brought her up because she is a great example at giving references.  Everyone that lives by her and her salon knows her and they all like her.  Every time we stop by there we get a reference from her.  Like we'll get there and there will be someone there and she'll say, “Oh these are the missionaries from Felipe’s church.”  (Felipe is her son.)  She’ll introduce us and talk about how awesome she thinks we are and then we’ll teach that person a bit and … bam!  Reference … new person to teach!

Other than that we’re still in the same fight.  We got some new people to teach, but most of them aren’t very firm.  We’ll see what happens with them.  We’re still working on finding new people to teach, as always, because you should never stop trying to find people.  And who knows with the people we have right now.  The best part is the ward is starting to help out a bit more.  I also think we'll finally get a Ward Mission Leader!  (Pretty much my whole mission I’ve never had one.  To have one would be nice.)  If it’s who I think it is, he'll be awesome!!!  I was talking to the 2nd Counselor asking when we'd get one and he said soon.  They’re just waiting on the Stake.  He said they want to call someone from the ward but that the stake has a say in it and that he'd probably be released soon.  Well this last Sunday, the first Counselor got released.  He’s been in the Bishopric for 9 years so he knows the ward really good!!  I hope it’ll be him.

Mom … a member from my ward sent a request to you … well actually two.  One is Sister Fagundes.  (She said she sent an email to you, I had her send one to you on Kassie’s birthday for you to forward to her and she said she sent it.  Did you ever get it?)  Anyways, she was the one that helped me out when I was sad about Uncle Homer and all the stuff happening at the activity.  There’s also another one … Patricia Correa.  (I think I spelled it right.)  With her, there’s something else I’d like your help with.  She wants someone she can chit chat with in English, because studying English doesn’t help only with writing.  If you want to, you can accept her and talk with her a bit on facebook and maybe on Skype if you have time.  You can help her with her English.  (Being able to speak English here helps a lot.)  She works for the church in the translations, so by helping her get better at English (she’s already really good too, she just needs more practice) you’ll also be helping all of Brazil because everything from the church gets translated from English to Portuguêse where she works.  She does a lot of the translations.  Also, you can get updates about me and you’ll know someone for when you guys come down here.  I for sure want to visit them with you guys so you can already get to know sister Patricia.  So … everyone wins!  You … her … the church … and lots of members in Brazil!!

Remember that investigator that was waiting for the Elder to be baptized?  She’s getting baptized this Sunday.  The ex-Elder is here now and so she'll finally get baptized!!!  He came early so that’s good.  Man, this whole baptism was complicated.  I’ll tell you about it in the next email.

I have to get going now but I love you guys tons!!  I wrote another letter again today so hopefully you’ll get it.  I also got my absentee ballot too so I’ll send that home.  Love ya guys!!


PS -  Elder Knoblauch, whose name now is Brent Knobluach said he'll be passing through Vegas this weekend and asked for our address.  See if you guys can get in contact with him via facebook to get the stuff.  Love ya!

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