Monday, July 30, 2012

"A Cure For What Ails Us"

(Elder Fox's shoes don't look this nice!)

Dear Family,

Man I’m so sad that I’m missing the Olympics!!!  Just about every missionary either misses the Olympics or the World Cup.  I would prefer the world cup, but oh well.  I’ll just watch them in 4 years.  :(  I’m not going to lie … it's a pretty big temptation right now because the Olympics are on at the place we’re writing at and I really want to watch!  haha  But … I prefer to write you guys (and also keep the rules).  Thanks for the update on the Olympics and medal count!!  I really appreciate it.  You know how much of an Olympics junky I am.  When I was back home I was always recording the events and watching them all.  It’s ok if you guys cheer for the USA against Brazil … I do the same thing!!  When someone says, “Hey!  America and Brazil are playing!”  I always say, “Go America!!!”  haha  I heard the Opening Ceremonies were really pretty!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ultimate Frisbee ... To Play Or Not To Play?

Hey guys!!!

How’s everyone?!?  I’m doing great here!!  Today was a blast.  Our zone got together and we played soccer and then had a barbecue in our house.  Our apartment building has a barbecue in the bottom and a big room for parties and stuff.  I’ve decided that I will never ever get good at soccer.  This sport just isn’t for me.  After playing a bit I brought out my Frisbee and we decided to play a little game of Ultimate.  As always here on the mission, if you want to play anything other than soccer, none of the Brazilians want to play.  The only one that did was my companion, who suggested we play, and one other Elder.  The rest didn’t want to.  We started playing anyways and it was pretty fun playing Ultimate with such a small group of people and in such a tiny area.  When everyone saw how much fun we were having, they decided they wanted to play too.  Haha  Now I’m pretty tired and to top off the exhaustion, today was hot and humid.  These last couple of days have been pretty cold or just right … today was hot!  The weather is always a roller coaster ride in Brazil ... it makes life interesting.

Monday, July 16, 2012

"These Shoes Were Made For Walking" ... But Not Rain!

(We searched for the best missionary shoes we could find but I guess walking 100% of the time + Brazil rain storms = destroyer of shoes!)

Dear Family,

Hello from rainy Sorocaba, Brasil.  Man, this rain is madness!  I’m starting to miss the dry, rainless desert.  haha  The biggest problem with the rain are my shoes.  They aren’t rainproof anymore.  I’ve gotten MANY hours of work put in on them.  I’m hoping that they’ll make it to the end of my mission, but we'll see.  I may need to pull some money out of the bank to take my shoes to a shoe fixer so he can fix them up for me.  If you guys could stick a couple bucks in there, that would be nice.  I’m not sure how much it’ll be but I’m going to look into it this week and if you guys want to only put in how much I need, you can wait until my next email.  I may just have them take off the soles of my shoes and put new ones on them.  We’ll see what these shoe guys say I should do.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Training Is Over ... New Opportunities Await!

(An area close to where Elder fox is now serving.)
(I love how green it is.)
(Trujillo in a city called Sorocaba.)

Dear family!!!

Hey guys!!!!!!!  Oh man, yesterday was madness!  It was a holiday here.  (No one knows which one.  Just that there was no work or school.)  Every single public computer place was shut so we had to use the internet today.  Sounds like you guys had a good time!!  Yes Elder Knoblauch has some stuff … my photos and another present for Belle because all that I had when it came time to send off the package was the flag and a kite which is more of a cultural thing here.  Everyone flies these kites.  You’ll see when you guys come here.  They are everywhere.  Little kids get in fights over kites.  They’re popular, but I wanted to send one more thing to Belle so he has it.   Also, did the flip flops fit Kass and Britt?  I had no idea what size they are, and the sizes here are different too so I kind of guessed.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sleeping On The Mission ... The Best Of Times ... The Worst Of Times

Hey guys!

Man crazy week and a crazy day today too.  I was so dead and exhausted after last week that today I had no energy to do anything.  Thank goodness for P-Day!!!  We stayed home today and after my studying and eating lunch and cleaning a bit, I went and sacked out.  When I woke up, it was a race for everyone to get ready and out the door to do our emails.  It was worth it though.  It was really nice to get a bit of sleep.  I was soooo tired.