Monday, June 4, 2012

"Half Way There" ... Better Late Than Never!

(Elder Fox finally received his "Half Way There" package!)

(Here's some of the things we put in it.)
(All four sides of the box had this label on the outside of the package.)
(A poem we included with the package)
(We found a camel that had a shirt on it with the scripture from 2 Nephi 31:20 printed on it about "enduring to the end".  With the camel, we included this poem.)
Hey guys!!!

Alright … so I don’t have tons of time to write.  My computer was having problems and the guy was fiddling around with it and wasting the time I paid.  Then he had me switch.  When I asked if I could have the time back that I lost, he said “No.”  So basically, I only have a little bit of time now after writing President, reading all the announcements, and reading the email.  This may be pretty short.  I’m going to type as fast as I can so if there are spelling mistakes or grammar stuff, that’s why.

This week was … hard.  As far as "numbers" go … it was horrible.  But we worked hard, so no regrets on my part.  This week is going to be a lot better, I hope.  We were supposed to have a baptism this Sunday but it fell.  I was pretty upset when she called me and said that she wasn’t going to get baptized on Sunday but wait a month and a half.  We got the call last minute and we already had everything ready for her baptism.  Why did she change her mind?  Because the Elder that was here, that I replaced, ended his mission and went home when I got transferred here ... is coming back to visit in the middle of July.  He told her he'd like to see her baptism.  So now she’s going to wait so he can baptize her when he's here.  Like it’s cool and all that he'll get to baptize her since he started teaching her.  It would be cool to end your mission and come back and get to baptize someone.  However, it sucks because it won’t be for another month and a half!!  So she'll go another month and a half without the Holy Ghost, without the blessings, plus her parents are kind of wishy-washy and sometimes they say “Yes” and then it changes to a “No“.  Right now it’s a “Yes” so what happens if when he comes it becomes a “No“???  Ugh!  But … whatever.  It’s her choice right.  And … ya … pretty much nothing eventful happened this week.  But I was listening to President Henry B. Eyring’s talk from last conference about mountains to climb.  I came to the conclusion that this area is a mountain, but that’s how we grow and get stronger right?  I have really grown and learned a lot here.  I’ve learned little techniques on how to do contacts better and how to get people to listen to me too.  Contacts are a tricky thing because you have to do them, but it’s strange talking to someone you don’t know and trying to teach them.  I had a little bit of help from working at Express.  There you have to talk to people and see if they want help and try and sell some stuff.  However, it‘s way different because it’s normally people that are interested in what you have to offer (if not they wouldn’t have come into the store).  Here in this area, there aren’t too many people that are interested right off the bat in what we have to offer.  Unfortunately the ones that are interested, live in other areas.  I’ve passed a lot of references to other missionaries.  Haha  Things are changing here slowly though.  We do an activity every Wednesday night and at first there were like 10 people … then 5 the next week … 6 the following … 0 … and then 8.  This last week there were 30 people!!!  It was sweet!  So the ward is starting to help more and more.  We'll see how things go.  I have faith that this area will change … it will just have to change slowly.  Hopefully I’ll be here long enough to see the change.  I’m liking it here, and I’m learning lots.  You have to stay strong here because if not, this area will tear you up.  Haha  Just kidding.  But still, it’s for sure a challenge.

Yes, I got the package.  I got it the day of the transfers, but last email I was rushing and didn’t end up writing about it.  But ya, I got it, and thanks!!!  At first when I was looking at the stuff I was thinking, “Man!  What happened to this package during the delivery??  Everything’s broken!!”  Then I clued in … it‘s half of a bunch of stuff because I’m halfway done!  haha  Once I clued in, it was really funny.  And that Crest toothpaste is really good!  They don’t have Crest here and that stuff is awesome!!!  So if you guys are thinking of putting together another package, I could use some more of that stuff.  Also, a new toothbrush would be nice.  A decent toothbrush here is like $15 reais.  Also, one more thing that I could use … the cushion thing inside of your shoe that you stick in or can pull out too.  (I forgot what it’s called.)  I could use a new pair because the ones in my shoes have a bunch of holes in them and are completely destroyed.

No.  I haven’t received my absentee ballot yet.  Hopefully the ballot will get to me soon.

Also, about that email you got yesterday … what happened was a member wanted one of the recipes I have for cookies, so we swung by their house and I had them open up my email and get the recipe.  Accidentally they sent an email which was one I wrote months ago to Belle.  So that’s why.

Belle … Congrats on your dance recital!!!

Hopefully you’re all doing good but I have to get running now.  I love you guys tons!!!  I miss you all!!!!


P.S. - The temple dedication is this weekend.  I’ll tell you guys about it next week!

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