Monday, July 2, 2012

Sleeping On The Mission ... The Best Of Times ... The Worst Of Times

Hey guys!

Man crazy week and a crazy day today too.  I was so dead and exhausted after last week that today I had no energy to do anything.  Thank goodness for P-Day!!!  We stayed home today and after my studying and eating lunch and cleaning a bit, I went and sacked out.  When I woke up, it was a race for everyone to get ready and out the door to do our emails.  It was worth it though.  It was really nice to get a bit of sleep.  I was soooo tired.

This last week was normal Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday I did a division with Elder Espiritu (one of the Elders in my District).  That night we had an activity, like we do every Wednesday night.  One of the members in the ward called up Pedro and Fernando and so they came all the way to our chapel for it to see me.  It was way cool to see them again!  It was a real surprise for me too when I showed up at the chapel.  At first I saw them and thought, “Wow!  He looks just like Pedro.”  When I was getting a bit closer to the chapel I thought, “Wow!  He looks just like Fernando.  Wait a second … Oh!  It’s them!!”  I ran over and gave them a big hug.  That was the good part of the night.  The bad part was that there was a huge soccer game going on and the entire night people were screaming "VAI CORITHIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Oh man.  I didn’t get hardly any sleep that night.  There were fireworks going off right by my apartment windows and my bed is right next to one (just like back home).  It was horrible trying to sleep.  haha  At the beginning of the game it was completely different.  As soon as the game started, everything was dead quiet.  Basically the city stopped.  There were no cars passing on the road, no noise in the bars or restaurants … nothing.  Then after a while of creepy silence … the commotion started.  hahaha

After a restless night, we ended the division and got back to work.  For the most part, it was a normal week.  Sunday we got involved in a mess.  I’m not sure if it was a coincidence or if we were meant to be there, but we were walking down the road and someone called us over.  Basically we got thrown into the middle of a huge fight in a less active member’s house and one active older lady.  Oh my goodness!  It was nuts!  The daughter was getting treated pretty badly and it was just craziness.  The older lady was really bad with her health but she couldn’t relax because the mom and daughter were fighting all the time.  We don’t really have any authority for this situation so we called up the Bishop.  He came over really quickly with his wife and totally helped turn the situation around.  They ended up having the daughter go spend the night at their house and everything ended up good.  Crazy!!!  However, I learned two things.  #1 … I never want to be a bishop!  Haha  Our bishop here is working and studying, and has a big family to take care of.  He’s hardly ever home and whenever he has free time he manages to take care of his family and never faults on his calling.  He's a really good Bishop.  However, he has lots of responsibility so I could imagine it would be worse in an even larger ward back home.  So ya, I hope I’m never a bishop.  And lesson #2 … it’s interesting how authority, and the organization of the church works.  We have no authority in handling problems with the members.  That’s the Bishop.  Just like he doesn’t with the investigators.  That’s us.  So in this situation, I had no idea what to do, but with his experience and with help from the Lord, he knew exactly what to do.

Saturday night we played a fun little joke on my companion.  Haha  He went to bed a little bit early so he was sleeping and we were all still awake.  That’s when I came up with an idea.  We all set our alarms to go off in two minutes from the current time and we all dove into bed and acted like we were sleeping.  The alarms went off and we all got up, exchanged our good mornings and went about doing the stuff we normally do in the mornings.  I started heating up some water to make tea, and while it was heating, me and another Elder were working out.  The other one was walking around with his blanket on like he does every now and then when it’s chilly in the morning.  Elder F. Cardoso then got up and started to eat something.  One of the Elders, joking with him said, “Man.  You wake up and the first thing you do is grab some food.”  His response was, “Ya.  You get hungry after a couple hours.”  Then I asked, “Did you sleep good?”  He said, "Yes!  This was the night that I slept the most and slept the best in my whole mission!"  Oh my, I was trying so hard not to laugh when he said that.  We kept it going for a while and when he was thinking about going and getting showered off I couldn’t take it anymore because he was going on and on about how well he slept.  It was too funny.  I finally asked him, “What time is it?” and we all busted up laughing.  He looked really confused and another Elder said, “Go look at the clock.”  Another Elder said, “The night you slept the most?  You slept 15 minutes!”  haha  My companion was laughing about it too.  Fun times!

This Sunday was Natalia’s baptism and, other than starting late, it went really well.  Ostlund came to baptize her and I got to meet his family.  They are really cool and they loved it down in Brazil!!  I’m sure you guys will too.

Today is the day we find our about transfers.  Up until now … no news.  I’m almost positive I’ll stay since I’m training and the training program is for 12 weeks.  Probably no changes for me.

I gotta get running.  I love ya guys!!!  Hope you’re all great!  I miss you all!!!!


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