Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Training Is Over ... New Opportunities Await!

(An area close to where Elder fox is now serving.)
(I love how green it is.)
(Trujillo in a city called Sorocaba.)

Dear family!!!

Hey guys!!!!!!!  Oh man, yesterday was madness!  It was a holiday here.  (No one knows which one.  Just that there was no work or school.)  Every single public computer place was shut so we had to use the internet today.  Sounds like you guys had a good time!!  Yes Elder Knoblauch has some stuff … my photos and another present for Belle because all that I had when it came time to send off the package was the flag and a kite which is more of a cultural thing here.  Everyone flies these kites.  You’ll see when you guys come here.  They are everywhere.  Little kids get in fights over kites.  They’re popular, but I wanted to send one more thing to Belle so he has it.   Also, did the flip flops fit Kass and Britt?  I had no idea what size they are, and the sizes here are different too so I kind of guessed.

Last week was craziness.  Monday after I wrote you guys, we went off and taught a lesson.  Right at the start of the lesson I got a call from President Martins.  He called me to tell me about the transfers.  I was transferred to Trujillo in a city called Sorocaba.  Once again, I’ve left the big city of São Paulo and am here now.  I got called as a Zone Leader too so now comes a lot more responsibilities.  Tuesday was spent madly packing my bags and running around saying goodbye to everyone.  It was really sad leaving there.  I made a lot of really good friends and was there for such a short amount of time.  Only three months … two transfers.  I was pretty bummed leaving, but gotta go where you get called to, right?  Wednesday I woke up nice and early to meet up with the member who would give us a ride.  They have a Mini Cooper and it is a nice one.  When we showed up, everyone was like “Whoa!  Look at that car!!”  Then it was time for all the “hello's” and “goodbye's” with all the other Elders and then on to the bus.  We took off for the interior.  Elder Downer and Elder Krusi (from my group in the MTC) are both here in the interior too so on the bus I chit chatted with them and got all caught up.  Then we parted ways and I left to our house with my new companion Elder O. L. Costa.  Oh man he's awesome!!!  My favorite companion and I’ve only been with him for a little while.  He's pretty similar to me as far as interests and personality go.  We clicked pretty quick.  This new area seems really cool too!  The members are awesome!  And our house is sweet!!!!!!!!!!  It’s big and it’s actually clean!  And there’s two bathrooms!!!  I have my own bathroom!!!  Oh, having a clean house is amazing!!!  I don’t get how these houses get so gross because with this house I want to keep it clean.  On Monday, I woke up and went and cleaned to try and keep this house as clean as possible.  So basically … the companion is awesome … the house is great … and the ward seems really cool.  We‘re just missing one thing.  People to teach!  But that'll come with time!!

Yesterday we went to a barbecue and it was so good!!!  There was sooo much food!!  It was craziness!!  When we left, Elder O. L. Costa was sick from all the food we ate.  We were going to an appointment but on the way Elder O. L. Costa said, “I’m not feeling very good.  Do you want to keep going?”  Right when he said that, I got a pretty bad feeling like we shouldn’t keep going.  We took off and as we were going to another house someone from a car that was parked on the side of the road threw something at us.  I almost had a heart attack because I thought it was a rock and it hit me in the chest.  However, it was just a paper ball thrown by a member who was laughing pretty hard at our reaction.  We ended up talking with her friend a little that now we’re going to teach.  After that, we went to another house and after we taught them, the wife wanted to make us burgers. Now, you have to remember that my companion is on the verge of vomiting from all the food he ate.  The lady asked if we wanted to eat it now or take it to our house, because either way, she was going to make burgers.  She bought the stuff, so not to offend her, and to mess with my companion I said, “It’s better to eat it while it’s fresh and hot right?”  haha  The look and Elder O. L. Costa’s face was classic when he realized he'd have to eat even more.  But he was a sport and ate it all.  Tonight Elder Henrique (my trainer) is going to sleep at my house because tomorrow we have mission counsel and have to get up bright and early!  It’ll be fun to see him again.

Also, about when I get home for your trip here … I’m good for whatever.  It would be cool to come back not as an Elder so I could be in normal clothes and do normal stuff.  Also, I’ll be able to find places for us to sleep at too because at home I can use facebook and talk to everyone and find house we can crash in.  At the same time, if you guys come at the end, I’m already here and I won’t have the worry about telling everyone I’ll come back and not come back because things get crazy.  Also, it’ll put off my getting started at work if you guys don’t come here and get me and it’ll save more money for you guys because you won’t have to pay for my flight.  So what I would enjoy more would be to go home and then come back because then I can dress normal, hug my friends, and be normal.  But what would be more practical and secure is for you guys to pick me up.  So for me … whatever works.

Well I gotta get going, but really quick, I just wanted to thank you again for everything you guys do for me.  At times it’s hard to express thankfulness via email because it’s such a rush writing, but I wanted to say “Thanks!” for always writing an email to me and never not writing.  That means so much!!  I’ve seen Elders that get on and have nothing and they get so bummed.  Also, thanks so much for the packages, for updating my blog, for being there for me, for loving me, and everything!!  I love you guys so much!!!  I miss you all!!!


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