Monday, July 23, 2012

Ultimate Frisbee ... To Play Or Not To Play?

Hey guys!!!

How’s everyone?!?  I’m doing great here!!  Today was a blast.  Our zone got together and we played soccer and then had a barbecue in our house.  Our apartment building has a barbecue in the bottom and a big room for parties and stuff.  I’ve decided that I will never ever get good at soccer.  This sport just isn’t for me.  After playing a bit I brought out my Frisbee and we decided to play a little game of Ultimate.  As always here on the mission, if you want to play anything other than soccer, none of the Brazilians want to play.  The only one that did was my companion, who suggested we play, and one other Elder.  The rest didn’t want to.  We started playing anyways and it was pretty fun playing Ultimate with such a small group of people and in such a tiny area.  When everyone saw how much fun we were having, they decided they wanted to play too.  Haha  Now I’m pretty tired and to top off the exhaustion, today was hot and humid.  These last couple of days have been pretty cold or just right … today was hot!  The weather is always a roller coaster ride in Brazil ... it makes life interesting.

First of all mom ... you didn’t trick me about being pregnant.  Goof effort on your part but you had that cancer scare and because of that surgery, you can’t have any more kids.  When I read what you wrote, I scrolled down to the end and sure enough I knew it!  Good try though.  ;)

This last week was really good and really crazy.  We had a meeting with Elder Claudio R. M. Costa (a member of the 70 that’s the Area President of Brazil).  It was amazing!!  They taught us so many good things to put in practice.  It was really cool and I felt the spirit so strong!!  His wife gave a really good talk also!  Elder Costa told us after, how much a sacrifice it was for her to talk.  She has some kind of illness where she is basically living in pain all the time.  She had medicine for it, but got cancer.  They took a part out of her body and without that she can’t take the medicine anymore.  She just lives with the pain.  When you see her, she is always so happy.  She stayed and talked with us for a while.  It was after her talk that Elder Costa told us about her health and how for the last half of her talk she was in such pain.  He said, “Perhaps you couldn’t tell, but I could tell how much she was suffering.  But she stayed there because she was feeling like there were certain things she needed to say.”  I'm sure we all benefitted from her sacrifice.  All in all … it was a really good experience.

This last week we had some difficulties in our zone.  Basically every single companionship is having problems one with another.  They’re fighting and some are wanting to go home.  It‘s going to be interesting.  We’re planning on doing a bunch of divisions this week to try and help.  The only problem is that I only have about 24 reais to get me through until next Wednesday.  It looks like I’m going to go hungry because I’ll need money for buses.  YAY!!!  haha  The worst part is in the morning, because at night I get home and just plan and go to bed.  Even if I’m hungry I am usually more tired.  In the morning however, we go until lunch without eating.  Being at home studying … it gets hard to concentrate!  haha  Maybe I’ll be able to budget out a couple bucks for food.  We’ll have to see where we'll need to go this week.  I’ll let you know how it works.  On the plus side … I’m learning very well how to live with little.  That way when I‘m a poor university student, I’ll already be used to it.

Last week we were able to find some new people to teach that seem really good.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get something going with them and they’ll be able to be baptized.  They may take a while because some have to get married and others have other problems but we’ll see how things go.

Any luck with Knoblauch and getting in touch with him?  You guys need to get those pictures so you can see what’s going on over here and have stuff for the blog.

I’m all out of time now.  :(  I gotta go.  I love you guys tons and I miss you all!!!  Send my love to the Aussies (if they’re still there) and everyone else too.  I love you all!!!


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