Monday, August 6, 2012

"Everything Just Makes Sense!"

Hey guys!!!

How’s everyone doing??  Sorry my emails have been getting shorter.  Things have been a little crazier now on P-Days because we have to accompany the Assistants on Mondays.  We end up waiting around all morning.  That makes it hard when we have stuff to do.  Sometimes when it takes awhile to finally get out, and then once we get out and do everything we need to, there goes the P-Day.  And that only leaves me with a little bit of time to write emails.  Also, the key board here is really weird and it takes me forever to type.  You know me … I already type slow, add on a tricky keyboard, and then I mess up a lot.  So that’s why they are getting shorter.  By the time I get on … I often don’t have any time.

This week was really good.  Crazy busy, but good.  I’m so happy because this is going to be the first week of the transfer that there’s nothing for us to do!!!!!  Every other week we had meetings, or interviews, or something like that, and we ended up losing the majority of the day.  This week there’s nothing!!!  Just 100% teaching!!  The down side though … it‘s the last week of transfers and President basically said that my companion is going to get transferred.  :(  That is a real bummer!  He's by far the best companion I’ve ever had.  He teaches really good and we teach and work good together.  We get along so well!  It’s going to be hard but, oh well … it was going to happen one day.

As I said earlier, this last week was good.  Tuesday was District Meeting and then we went off to work.  Just about everything we had set up fell through.  However, we were able to find some other things to do and turned the bad situations into good ones because we found some new people to teach.  Tuesday night the Elders from Itú came to our house and slept here because we had Mission Counsel.  Wednesday morning we took off on our trip to São Paulo.  We got up way early and I was pretty tired because we didn’t get to sleep until a little later the previous night.  It was really good and fun to see the other Elders that I never see.  Everyone that comes to this meeting are all the mission leaders so I was able to find out what’s going on in my old areas through them.  It was a good time catching up.  Elder Wible and I, a really good friend of mine, wore our matching ties again.  haha  We have two of the same ties from Mr. Mac … that purple and brown plaid tie that I have, and the red and green paisley tie I wore when I got set apart.  This time we wore the purple tie.

Something crazy happened though.  Normally the Assistants give a training and then President.  The Assistants were getting started when President got a call and left the room to answer it.  A little while later, he came back in and cut the Assistants off.  He said that something had happened and he had to give his training really fast and then take off.  He explained to us what had transpired.  At around ten that morning, one of the Elders had his bags all packed and when his companion wasn’t paying attention, he took off and locked his companion inside.  You have to remember that it’s not like home where you can just hop out the window.  Usually the windows are barred and if not, there’s still the fact that all the houses are surrounded by a big gate that have sharp spikes on top.  Basically, if you get locked in, you're stuck.  Thankfully for him, his companion left the key on the sidewalk a little ways away from the gate.  He was able to call someone over and have him let him out.  President called the Bishop of that area and asked him to go and get the Elder that lost his companion, and go look for the other.  The area they were serving in was somewhat far so that would be faster than President taking off from where we were.  President quickly moved forward, giving us some information that the 1st Presidency had asked each Mission President to give to their missions.  Once finished, he took off to try and find the Elder.  After a long while of searching, President Martins gets a call … it’s the 1st Counselor from the stake of the Elder that took off.  He informed President that the missionary took a bus and was now safely back home.  Oh man it was madness!  Can you even imagine the stress President Martins must have been feeling.  He is responsible for the safety of every missionary out here.  And he really does love and care about each one of us.

Wednesday, we got back home and had Family Home Evening with the Bishop and his family.  It was really good!  We used the slide show on the Reflections of Christ DVD (really good by the way), and we made a message out of that.  The message was aimed for one of the Bishop's wife's friends and was great!  However, she invited another friend over too.  The message was pretty general.  We just talked about Christ so it works for everyone.  Well … we find out after that she's Buddhist.  She participated and everything, and I would have never guessed.  Hopefully it was a good message for her too.  My worry is that she might have felt like she was wasting her time because she doesn’t believe in Christ, but I don’t think so.  Hopefully it worked out.

Thursday we did a division with another area and I went to that area to do a baptismal interview.  The Elder I was with, Elder Reis Silva is here just waiting for his visa.  All the Elders from Brazil that don’t get their visas in time, come to the MTC here.  Once their time is done, if they still don’t get it, they get re-assigned to our mission since it’s the mission of the MTC.  He’s going to Venezuela and he’s pretty cool.  He’s a good guy and teaches really well.  We watched a church video in Spanish for him to practice the language and it was really cool because I understood everything.  The words I couldn’t understand I could figure out by the context.  But man, Portuguêse is way prettier than Spanish!!!  (Sorry Peter.)  At least I think it is and another American I met that lives here in my area.  He moved down here for work.  He’s really cool.

The rest of the week was normal.  We went around and taught a bunch of people.  The saddest part of the week was due to one of our best investigators.  She went to church and already has a testimony and everything.  We even have a baptismal date set up.  The only down side is she has some personal struggles.  We’re trying to help her but it’s kind of tough.  It was really sad because this last Sunday she didn’t come to church so we went to her house to see why she wasn‘t there.  We got there and there were definite problems going on.  It was really really hard.  I felt pretty sad and my heart broke when I saw that.  Dad, do you have any experiences from your mission that you helped someone with a similar problem?  Or Mom … any experiences or talks you can think of?  It would really help.  Thanks.

As for talking with Pedro and everyone … are you learning any Portuguêse Britt?  What about you Mom?  It does seem like they speak really fast at first.  I thought the same thing … that everyone here speaks really fast.  However, once I started learning and understanding everything, it went to normal speed.  They speak the same rate as us.  That’s cool that you guys are making friends with people from here!!  Once you guys come, you’ll know some people already!  What’s the plan for the trip?  Are you guys going to pick me up here?  Am I going home first and then coming back?  I think it would be good to figure this all out soon because I heard they book the flights and make all the arrangements about 6 months in advance.  If you guys come here at the end, it’ll be easier to extend it if you give them a heads up.  To be honest … I think that would be easiest because you'd be able to save money and I’ll basically be able to do all the same stuff if I were a missionary still.  Well … more or less.  Alright, I'd be a little limited but not totally and we’ll save on money and can do some fun stuff when I get home.

Mom … could you send me the homemade syrup recipe again and the recipe for corn dog batter?  There’s some members here that lived in the United States for a while and one of the sons, who is way cool and hilarious (reminds me a bit of our cousin Tanner), loves corn dogs.  I told them we know how to make them.  Sooooo … that would be awesome!!!

If anyone is asking about letters, I’d like to say “Sorry!” to everyone.  It‘s been a while since I’ve written anyone.  I’ve been out of paper and also out of time.  Today I had time … just no paper.  I bought paper though so next week I’ll write!

This week I put in a lot of study time and … WOW ... I learned a ton of stuff about the priesthood and God's power and … oh man ... I had my mind blown today!!!  It’s awesome about the gospel.  Every single question that I have in my head, no matter how profound or small, almost always has an answer.  And everything just makes sense!  That’s one thing that’s helped my testimony recently!!  Just how everything makes sense and has an explanation.  If anyone has any questions or are looking for answers, just dust off those scriptures and look.  You will find what you are looking for.  I've done it and it works.  The scriptures are our personal treasures on this earth.  They are more valuable than anything the world has to offer because their reward is eternal.  The truths found within the covers of these books are the riches blessings we can be given.  The more I learn … the more things start falling into place!!  I love this gospel!!!

Well, I have to go!  I love you guys a ton!!!  I hope you’re all doing great and everything is going wonderful!  I love you all a ton!


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