Monday, August 13, 2012

Family Here ... And Family There

(The water off of the coast of Maceio, Alagoas, Brazil.)
(The beaches where Elder Fox's companion is from.)
Hey guys!!!!

Man!  Right now the LAN house we’re at has some movie on the TV, and every other word is a swear word!!  The worst part … it’s in English so I’m the only one in here understanding everything!!  It’s horrible!!  Thankfully these computers have headphones so I put them on and got on the church website and have music going on in my ears.  Now I can’t hear anything.

Anyways … how is everyone doing?  What's going on with Britt's friends?  ... (edit) ...  Wow!  Can you tell I don’t like guys messing with my sister!  Haha

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!!  I totally remembered it was your Anniversary today too!! See how great of a son I am?  ;)  But seriously, a member here mentioned how her Anniversary was coming up, and how many years they were married, and then asked how long you guys have been married for.  Then I thought, “Wait!  Mom and Dad got married August 13!  Whoa … it’s this Monday!”  So I said, “24 years this Monday!!!”  The mom then said, “I can’t believe your Mom has been married 24 years and had 4 kids!  She looks so young.”  (Talking about the photos that I have.)

There’s no news on transfers, but either way it’s almost a for sure that my companion is going.  We did a division with the Assistants and they said it’s almost guaranteed.  I’m really bummed out!  Hopefully the next companion will be a good one.  Yes … both companions are Zone Leaders so I’ll get another companion that’s a Zone Leader too.  That's a blessing because the majority of the Zone Leaders are really good.  However, there are some that I’m not too sure why they’re Zone Leaders and are kind of irritating.  I hope I won’t get one of them, because seriously Elder O. L. Costa is one of my best friends now and if I lose him and pick up an irritating companion, it won't be too much fun!!  So we'll see.  It’s so nice having a companion you get along so well with.  It makes the teaching a lot easier, and work in general easier and more fun.  And it helps with the ward.  He’s really happy all the time and really excited for the work like I am and that, a lot of the time, is contagious.  The members are always commenting on how well we get along and how we’re like brothers.  It seems like they want to help out more and give more references and everything.  That helps out a ton!  I’m going to miss him, but out of all my companions I’ve had so far, he's the one that I for sure want to try and visit.  He’s a good friends and where he lives is beautiful!!!  Look up some pictures online of the beach!!  It’s gorgeous there!  The water is like pool water.  It’s so clear!!!

Our investigator is still having some difficulties, but we’re trying to help so hopefully something changes.  The hardest thing for her is where she lives.  It’s not the nicest area and everyone lives a different lifestyle and doesn’t respect that she’s trying to make some changes.  We’re trying to help out as much as we can but all in all, it comes down to her and her decisions.  We’ll see … but she really wants to make some changes.  It's just hard for her.  And it’s really hard to SEE how much of a struggle it is for her and how down she gets.  She’s an older lady and has a son too.  I really do care for both of them.  I know that she would find so much happiness if she could accomplish her goals.  People often think that we, as members of the church, have so many “rules” and that we don’t have freedom.  That is not true.  After watching people struggle to make changes in their lives for the better, it re-emphasizes in me how much the commandments are there to give us freedom.  They put us in control of our lives.  We are not controlled by addictions or habits or guilt.  I am so thankful that I have had the gospel my entire life because watching people struggle to make changes, is so hard.  I admire them for trying and with the Lord’s help … they can do it!

Well, I have to cut this short.  The guys who own the LAN house are shutting down early and are kicking us out.  I love you guys a ton and miss you all a lot!!!  I hope you’re all doing great!!!


P.S. - Let me know if Britt’s "friends" keep up what they’re doing.

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