Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Honesty Is Everything

Hey Guys!!

Ya … Elder Costa was transferred.  :(  I was pretty bummed.  He went to Sao Paulo again.  Now I’m with Elder Meireles who's from a little city (I forgot the name) in a state called Para.  I like him.  I just decided not to go into the transfer with any pre-conceived notions.  That’s what I would want someone to do with me.  I miss Elder Costa a ton and I doubt I’ll get another companion like him again.  But Elder Meireles is a good missionary and I like him too.

Yesterday was a crazy day.  We have an investigator that is studying in another city and is only here on the weekends.  She wants to be baptized.  It’s just hard because she only comes here every so often when she's not studying.  We taught her while she was on break.  Anyways, we got word that she was coming into town late Saturday night so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and interview her.  The only problem is that it would have to be Sunday at 3 because that was the only time she could do it.  Also, we can’t pull the other Elder out of his area in the morning because of church.  So, after Sacrament Meeting ended, we took off to pick him up.  We managed to get a last minute ride to go and get him and then we divided.  My companion stayed in the other area, and I came back to my area with the Elder that would do the interview.  It was Elder Horrocks.  He’s from Washington.  He’s way cool!!  We had a pretty good time.  I managed to get a young man in the ward (we had lunch at his house) to try and eat a spoonful of cinnamon!  Haha  It was way funny!!  Nobody here does stuff like that … or the “Gallon Challenge” or lighting yourself on fire (haha jk) … or any fun goofy / slightly dumb stuff.  Obviously he wasn’t able to do it and it was pretty dang funny.  We all had a good laugh.

As for our investigator that is having some troubles … she is still trying.  I almost cried once when we showed up and things weren't going so well.  It was hard.  She wants to change badly but she’s having so much trouble.  We’re still trying.  She has a son who is Deacon age.  We took him to mutual and the youth are helping out a lot with friendshipping him.  We’ll see.  But I really think that she'll be able to overcome her problem.  I’m just worried that she’ll give up.

We also have another investigator that showed up at church without anyone inviting him.  I think I talked about him in the last email.  He is really good and really smart.  He really understands what we’re teaching him.  I’m pretty sure he'll be baptized.

You asked me about experiences with honesty for Brittin's talk … I don’t really know.  I haven’t really had any experience on the mission where I’ve had the choice to be honest or not and chose to be honest and it made a huge difference.  For me the biggest thing I’ve learned in honesty is in the way I act.  I’m here working for the Lord and representing Jesus Christ.  For the work that we do, honesty is everything.  Not just honesty as in speaking the truth, but honest in your works … working as hard as you should be, honest with yourself in keeping the rules and the commandments, and honest with your investigators.  Like, to really love them and want the best for them.  It's not just about having baptisms.  You have to be honest with your investigators (in the fact that you truly love them ... that you want the best for them ... and that you truly know that the gospel will change their lives) because that makes the whole difference.  They seem to accept the gospel more because they can see that you’re being genuine.  I think that goes for everyone.  Even when you’re not serving a mission.  Honesty in your calling (exactly why are you serving people?).  Or honesty with your friends when you go to talk about the gospel with them.  When you just talk about the gospel because it’s the thing to do, maybe they’ll accept it, but it’s less likely.  However, when you truly have conviction and an honest love for them, they feel it.  I don’t know if this helps in any way, but for me honesty is much more profound than just telling the truth.  It’s being honest in your words, actions, thoughts, and love for Heavenly Father and others.  I hope that made sense and could help in some way.

Well, I gotta get running.  Sorry this email is so short.  There were a bunch of announcements and my email to President killed a bunch of time.  I’m sorry guys.  I love you all tons and I miss you so much!!!


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