Monday, September 24, 2012

Stories and Letters ... Staying Connected

(These are the pictures we send to Elder Fox that he was writing about.)

Hey guys!!!

So first off about those pictures, Mom and Dad … Looking good!  Belle … Wow!  You’ve grown!  I’ve never realized in any of the other photos but in this one you could tell that you’ve grown a ton!!!  You’re so much taller.  And Belle, Kassie and Britt … you’re all just as beautiful as ever.  Did you guys get a book from her in Portuguêse?  That would be cool for after the mission.  It could be a way for me to keep a bit of my Portuguêse.

Thanks for what you wrote Mom.  It really did help.  I really like those little stories you send me.  I’ve used them to teach people a bunch too.  All the stories you’ve sent me in letters, I still have saved.  And I’ve printed some out from the emails, but to print something is really expensive.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tossing, Turning, and Wishing For ... Air Conditioning!!!

Dear Family!!

Hey guys!  How’s everyone doing??  I’m doing good!  I’m so grateful that the place we’re writing our emails at has air conditioning!!!  It’s so hot here.  In São Paulo it’s still winter time, but here it’s blazing hot!  Last year I spent all winter in São Paulo so it was nice there.  It got pretty cold in July and August, but here in Sorocaba, it doesn’t get cold ever.  Just sometimes at night it would a little but that wasn’t even anything.  Last year around this time it was nice.  Some days were kind of hot, but for the most part it was nice.  But here … it’s already getting hot!  Be thankful for air conditioning!!!  It’s so hard to sleep at night.  I keep tossing and turning all night long.  I sleep, then wake up, then sleep, and wake up all night long!  I’m going to be in trouble if I’m still here come summer time.  I remember last summer well and here it will be just like last summer … only a little bit hotter!!!  It’s funny because it has gone a really long time without rain and so the people here are complaining that it’s dry.  I still think it’s humid!  haha  I guess that’s what happens when you grow up in the desert.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Manning The Lifeboats

"In a very real sense, those persons stranded on the vessel which had run aground in the storm-tossed sea are — those who await rescue by those of us who have the responsibility to man the lifeboats.”  President Thomas S. Monson
Dear Family!!!

Hey!  How was the weekend up at the cabin? Man … I still haven’t seen the Evans’ new cabin!  I’m really jealous of you guys.  I love it up there!  It’s so pretty!!