Monday, September 24, 2012

Stories and Letters ... Staying Connected

(These are the pictures we send to Elder Fox that he was writing about.)

Hey guys!!!

So first off about those pictures, Mom and Dad … Looking good!  Belle … Wow!  You’ve grown!  I’ve never realized in any of the other photos but in this one you could tell that you’ve grown a ton!!!  You’re so much taller.  And Belle, Kassie and Britt … you’re all just as beautiful as ever.  Did you guys get a book from her in Portuguêse?  That would be cool for after the mission.  It could be a way for me to keep a bit of my Portuguêse.

Thanks for what you wrote Mom.  It really did help.  I really like those little stories you send me.  I’ve used them to teach people a bunch too.  All the stories you’ve sent me in letters, I still have saved.  And I’ve printed some out from the emails, but to print something is really expensive.

About the end of the mission … it‘s up to you guys.  I’m in different.  You’re call on when it is that you’re going to come here.  I just want to have you guys come here with me at some point so you can meet some of the people and see some of the beautiful sights.

Bishop Rafael mentioned the Ferrari thing to me.  He’s a total car junky so that’s why he’s renting it because that’s a car junky's dream to drive one of those cars.  Here in Brazil, to rent one out to drive just for a minute would be ridiculously expensive.  Bishop and his wife are totally cool.  You’ll like them a lot.  His family (like his siblings and their children) have been one of my favorite families that I’ve met on the mission.  I really liked them a lot.  For the shoe sizes, just give him the shoe sizes in the States.  He called me up asking for them but I wasn’t sure.  He was asking for the sizes that we have back home.  As for a welcome basket … just think of things that are very American (perhaps with flags) and stuff with Las Vegas on it.  Las Vegas is really famous here so if it has got Vegas on it, they’ll like it.  You guys are creative so I’m sure you can think of something.  Who else is going with them?  Did he mention their names?

As for this last week … things were great!!!  We’re going to have a baptism this Saturday.  She’s so excited to be baptized and was already interviewed and everything’s all set and ready.  I’m so excited for her.  It’s going to be great!  And the girl that we were teaching is going to get baptized on Saturday too.  The Stake President called President Martins and worked out a solution with him.  Also, that investigator that we have that was having problems is making such awesome progress!!!  I’m really happy for her.  It‘s incredible the change she's made in her life and countenance.  We also found a bunch of new investigators that are really good!!!  Basically, everything just took off and is improving so much.  I only have one fear.  Today is the day we find out about transfers.  I hope I don’t get transferred.  I really, really don’t want to be.  I want to stay here in Trujillo with my companion that I have.  I really like him.  We work really well together and everything’s starting to take off so nicely.  If I get transferred, I’m going to be so sad.  So fingers crossed that I can stay!!!

Well, I have to get running.  I‘ll let you know all about transfers next week!!  I love you guys sooo much!!  I miss you all a ton!  I hope everyone is doing great!


P.S.  -  Guess what I found in a store … ROOK!!!!  I bought it!  I can’t wait till I’m together with 4 Elders so we can play!!


  1. I was very happy to see your comment about me Fox, I also got and I'm happier every day and performed with the gospel in my life and that I felt true happiness and alert you of Fox, thank you for teaching me thank you for touching my heart, ends his mission ... When we know converssar, wish that you fulfill your calling with all the love in the world and I know that and that's what you're doing ... a big hug for Fox and family Nathaly Kruger, sorry Not too have their presence in my baptism

  2. Fiquei muito feliz de ver o seu comentario a respeito mim Fox , eu tambem fiquei e estou cada dia mais feliz e realizada com o evangelho em minha vida e essa felicidade e verdade eu senti atravez de voce Fox , obrigado por me ensinar obrigado por toca meu coracao , ...Quando acaba sua missao sei que vamos converssar , desejo que voce cumpra seu chamado com todo o amor do mundo e sei que e isso que voce esta grande abraco para Fox e familia de Nathaly Kruger , lamento muito nao ter sua presenca no meu batismo