Monday, September 10, 2012

Tossing, Turning, and Wishing For ... Air Conditioning!!!

Dear Family!!

Hey guys!  How’s everyone doing??  I’m doing good!  I’m so grateful that the place we’re writing our emails at has air conditioning!!!  It’s so hot here.  In São Paulo it’s still winter time, but here it’s blazing hot!  Last year I spent all winter in São Paulo so it was nice there.  It got pretty cold in July and August, but here in Sorocaba, it doesn’t get cold ever.  Just sometimes at night it would a little but that wasn’t even anything.  Last year around this time it was nice.  Some days were kind of hot, but for the most part it was nice.  But here … it’s already getting hot!  Be thankful for air conditioning!!!  It’s so hard to sleep at night.  I keep tossing and turning all night long.  I sleep, then wake up, then sleep, and wake up all night long!  I’m going to be in trouble if I’m still here come summer time.  I remember last summer well and here it will be just like last summer … only a little bit hotter!!!  It’s funny because it has gone a really long time without rain and so the people here are complaining that it’s dry.  I still think it’s humid!  haha  I guess that’s what happens when you grow up in the desert.

The package arrived!  I just don’t have it yet.  One of my friends that’s in the office called me up and let me know it got there safe and sound … without getting stopped in the mailing system and me having to pay for it.  In my email I got President, he said he will probably come out here tomorrow and stop by our meeting and drop it off.  So I’ll probably get it tomorrow.  THANKS A TON!!!!!!!!!

One more thing before I forget … the Bishop from my last area and his wife are going on a vacation to the United States and they are planning on going to Las Vegas.  He called me up yesterday and asked for your email address Mom, and said that he'll email you tonight.  He said they’ll want to get to know you guys.  They were also needing a place for their bags because they’re going from here, to New York, to Salt Lake, to Vegas, fly to Los Angeles, and then drive back to Vegas.  They were wondering if they could stash some bags at home so they don’t have to bring tons of stuff on the plane.  (Just so you know for when you get the email.)  They’re really cool!  The Bishop speaks English, but his wife doesn’t.  He said she’s kind of nervous being there without being able to speak any English but he can translate.  Maybe you can mention that Peter speaks Spanish.  Who knows, maybe she understands Spanish.  He asked me if anyone there speaks Portuguêse.  I said, “In my house, no.  And I don’t know of anyone that lives by there that speaks Portuguêse.”  It’ll be cool because you’ll get to meet someone from my mission and it will prepare you a bit for when you guys come to pick me up.  You’ll already know someone.  I think they already have a bunch of plans on things to do there, like grand canyon and other sightseeing things.  If you guys wanted to, you could offer to show them around and entertain a bit if you have time.  They might want to go to Lake Mead, the Outlet Mall, and any of the typical stuff that people like to do when they come from another country.  I don’t know what their plans are, I just know he said they want to meet you guys.  If you guys could go out and do something … maybe have a very American dinner or go out to eat somewhere.  I don‘t know … you guys can figure it out.  I just wanted to give you a heads up so when you get an email from someone in Brasil that you don’t know … you’ll know why.

This last week on Friday was Independence Day here … September 7th.  I like Independence Day so much more back home.  It‘s a lot more fun and patriotic.  No one really does anything here.  It‘s just a day off.  They either stay home, sleep, drink (if they aren’t members), or go to the beach.  Some people have lands in the foresty parts where it’s really relaxed, and there they have pools and soccer fields and various other activities.  Friday was kind of hard to work, but it turned out well.  The biggest success this week was our work with the ward.  It really goes to show how well missionary work goes when the ward gets involved.  We’ve been working with a less active family and finally the ward is getting involved and everything went perfectly this week!  We got the youth age girl out to Mutual because they got visits from the Young Women and the leaders.  Some other members talked with them too.  It went perfectly!  It just goes to show how perfect the organization of the church is.  Especially once everyone, and all the organizations, get involved.  They’re helping out more with our investigators too, so things are starting to get better.  This week was a rough one with people falling and appointments falling through.  Now with the ward starting to function the way all the wards should with missionary work, things are going to get way better.  When we bring an investigator to church we don’t have to worry if someone will sit with them or if people will talk to them.  The leaders in the ward always go out of their way to see who’s visiting and talk to them and try and make sure no one is sitting alone and that no one is sitting with us.  The ideal situation is that we’re not sitting with any investigators.  We already have friendships with them all, so they need friendships with the members.  It’s really nice.  How are things in the Arrowhead ward in relations to the missionary work?  I know you guys might not know since Mom is in the Stake and dad got released … but I’m kind of curious to see how things are going?  Any baptisms there?  The ward is sooooooo important in the work, and missionary work is soooooo important for the ward.  It really should be what drives the ward.  I can see that so much better now that I’m on a mission … how important missionary work is to the ward.  I think we are all falling a little flat and not reaching our potential as leaders if our hearts are not focused on spreading the gospel.  Our wards are not doing their purpose if people are not joining the restored church.

In my last email I mentioned how I’m kind of worried that I could be deported … well … apparently that’s not going to happen.  How?  I’m not really sure because officially my visa expired and my 90 day grace period is over.  However, I guess it’s not too huge of a problem, just as long as I don’t get arrested or anything.  haha  Seriously, I was pretty worried about the whole visa deal because I figured I wouldn’t be allowed to stay here, but apparently I can.  Go figure.

Well, I have to get running now.  My times all up.  I hope you guys are doing excellent and everything’s going good back home.  I hope my letters get there soon.  I asked some stuff that I want a response to.  :)  I love ya guys!!!!  I miss you all tons!!


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