Monday, October 29, 2012

Feeding Missionaries and Blessings Received

Dear Family!!

Oh my goodness! It’s soooo HOT!!!!!!! I’m dying. This is way worse than last year! It’s been in the upper 90's. Today is about 98 and humid humid humid!  And the worst part … NO WIND!!!  Oh man!  It’s rough walking around all day in this kind of weather.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Attack Of The Killer ... Mosquitoes!


How’s everyone doing???

I’m doing great!  I'm just a little hot!!!  Things are heating up and the city I’m in gets really steamin'!  Oh how I miss air-conditioning!!  I also miss how in Vegas there aren’t ANY mosquitoes.  I’m getting eaten alive!!!  haha  Our house has soooo many of them.  The only relief I have is when a fan is blowing on me … it gets a bit cooler and the mosquitoes don’t attack because they can't fly in the wind of the fan.  My plan of attack ... have a fan on my bed side blowing right on me when I sleep!  If I don't ... I'm covered in the morning!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Carta Trunky ... Trunky Letter

(One of Elder Fox's Bishops and his wife from Brazil, came to Las Vegas to visit.)
Dear Family,

Hello!!  How’s life back home?  Sounds like you guys had a good time.  Tell them, "Elder Fox está mandando um abraço"  haha  Ya, they are really cool.  I miss them a bunch.  That ward was fun … hard … but fun.  And their family is way cool!  I remember one day when I was there, we got dragged into a bit of a family fight that was nuts.  It was crazy and I had absolutely no idea what to do to help.  Then I thought, “Well, they’re members, so they’re outside of my authority and I’m not supposed to give advice to members.”  Either way, I was still stuck in that situation and we didn’t want to just take off and wish them good luck.  I could only think of one thing … call the bishop.  So, I gave Bishop Rafael a jingle and felt kind of bad because the guy is really busy and he finally had some time with his family.  Now we were calling up to pull him away from his family and drag another problem into the life of an already busy bishop.  But he was really helpful and really cool about it.  He brought his wife over too and she helped out tons.  They calmed everyone down and worked out the situation really quick.  They are really great people!  I love their family.  If you guys have some photos, send them to me.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Revelations and Lessons Learned During General Conference

(As Elder Fox explains in his letter ...)

Dear Family,

General Conference was kind of crazy at the beginning this year.  We show up for the first part of the Saturday Session and … no power in the church.  We're waiting and waiting and a bunch of members are now starting to show up.  The announcement is finally made that conference won’t come on at that building for awhile.  If we wanted to watch it, we were supposed to go to another building.  Oh man!  The craziness got started!  For the members, it’s all good.  They just get in their cars and go to another chapel.  However, we can’t just leave without permission from the President.  The Sisters in our Zone had already called up President and asked if they could go.  For the rest of our Zone to be able to go, either everyone would have to call President, or me and my companion because we’re the only ones with authority to give the whole Zone permission to leave the area since we’re the Zone Leaders.  We called up President, and after talking a little while, he gave us all permission.  That’s when the race started.  We had to get rides for everyone to the other chapel.  We helped some other areas get rides and once everyone was all set up with a car, we realized that we had a problem.  We helped everyone else out, but didn’t have a ride for ourselves.  Now it was time for us to race around but … all the cars were full.  Finally, a member saw us and asked if we had a ride.  We responded in the negative and he offered to give us one.  So off we went to the closest chapel.  And which one is the closest?  Trujillo!  My last area!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Long Trip ... To A New Area

(Some of your missionary companions will be your life’s dearest friends. Be the kind of companion you would like to be with.  -  James E. Faust)

Dear family,

Sooooo … yes I was transferred!  : (  And so was Elder Meireles!!  We were both needed in other locations so we both left and two Elders went there without knowing ANYTHING of the area.  Not even knowing where they were going to live.  Haha  Oh, man … Tuesday was crazy!  We found out Monday night.  I already started packing a little on Monday.  It‘s funny how easy packing is after a while on the mission.  I remember at first it was so stressful trying to round everything up and make it all fit.  This time it was really fast.