Monday, October 22, 2012

Attack Of The Killer ... Mosquitoes!


How’s everyone doing???

I’m doing great!  I'm just a little hot!!!  Things are heating up and the city I’m in gets really steamin'!  Oh how I miss air-conditioning!!  I also miss how in Vegas there aren’t ANY mosquitoes.  I’m getting eaten alive!!!  haha  Our house has soooo many of them.  The only relief I have is when a fan is blowing on me … it gets a bit cooler and the mosquitoes don’t attack because they can't fly in the wind of the fan.  My plan of attack ... have a fan on my bed side blowing right on me when I sleep!  If I don't ... I'm covered in the morning!

Things are going good here for me.  This week was a tough one.  We basically spent Monday through Friday tracting.  What a blessing huh?!?!  Haha  The good thing is Elder Jubette is a hard worker.  It’s not just me doing contacts and talking to people.  He helps a lot.  We work really good together.  I don’t have too many things to say about the week … up until Saturday.

Saturday it was pouring rain in the morning hours.  That was kind of intimidating because walking in the rain isn’t much fun anymore and tracting in the rain is even worse.  haha  However, we had a bunch of appointments marked from our week of tracting.  Generally, all that stuff falls.  However, we set out with faith that we'd find people at home.  The first place we went to, the guy was taking off when we got there.  He said that he was really sorry and would have called but didn’t have our number.  He seems really cool so I believe him.  Then we went to a recent convert's house that lived close by.  After that, we went over to an place in the same apartment area as us.  We got there … and there was no one home.  A little bummed, we turned around and started going down the stairs.  Right when we got to the last flight of stairs, a family started coming up … and it was them!  We said, “Hey!” and the mother of the family, the one we contacted, asked if we were coming from their house.  We said, “Yes” and they invited us to go back up.  They are way cool and we’re going back there this week with some members.  They are going to invite them to a Family Home Evening.

Next, we went to another house in the same condominium and they were home too!  They were even waiting for us!  They are really cool.  They are very intelligent and ask tons of questions.  That's a good thing!  I like it when people ask questions.  One of my biggest testimonies about the Plan of Salvation is how perfect it is.  In the world, people come up with their own religions and they are full of little flaws.  People over look them, especially here in Brazil, just because their Priest said it’s that way.  In Brazil, there’s A LOT of churches and a lot of them don't make too much sense.  I'm not trying to put down anyone's beliefs because they are entitled to practice their faith as they feel is right.  However, these other religions are lacking so many truths.  They aren't complete.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is complete and whole.  Because so many people don't ask questions, they don't see what is lacking.  That's why questions are a good thing.  One thing that I have noticed while serving my mission is how so many people who are "learned", don’t go to church because they can't find answers to their questions.  The LDS church makes perfect sense.  That’s a big part of the testimony of people here who are converted.  They like how everything makes sense.  On the flip side... people can get hung up on too many questions.  They get caught up in answering EVERYTHING and forget that faith is involved in conversion as well.  Hopefully you can understanding my thoughts as I put them in writing.  I’m not sure if what I'm writing makes sense because you really just have to be here to understand about the other churches and how people that question a lot get caught up on little things.  There are a lot of churches and a lot of lies.  I met someone who wasn’t going to any church.  He was a limo driver for a bit and was giving a guy a ride to the airport.  He overheard him talking on the cell phone.  The man was very wealthy and was talking to his partner about their business.  He said, “Ya, we just need a couple more members in these churches and then we can sell them and start some new ones."  Then the guy on the other end was talking and he couldn’t hear, but then the guy talked again and said, “Ya, I went and visited some of the churches.  They’re growing so it’s only a matter of time until we can sell them."  It’s sad but unfortunately true, that people use churches as businesses here.  It’s really ridiculous, but it’s just like Nephi prophesied in 2 Nephi … that people could open churches for gain.  It’s truly sad, but this goes to show how important our work is.  The work of all the missionaries and all the members.   Anyways, back to Saturday.  We then went and taught our investigator from Switzerland, visited some other people, and then ended our day.  Sunday, a member from another ward showed up and brought her mom with her.  We’re going to teach her now and she seems really interested.

Something that I find really interesting about missionary work is this … when it’s a tough week and you’re ready to quit … there’s always a big blessing waiting at the end for you.  This week was a tough one.  However, in the end, we found 3 families that were looking for that missing link in their lives and received 1 reference at church.  It just goes to show the importance of being diligent.  After the storm comes the sun.  My companion and I also noticed something else happening when we were doing contacts.  It’s pretty neat actually.  President Martins has been asking us to do at least 15 contacts per day.  This last week, we were doing more than that.  But what was interesting had to do with the request of 15.  There are a lot of missionaries that are doing them, but not the entire 15 … just a bit less.  This last week, there were a couple of days where the entire day was rejection after rejection … and then the 15th contact … the person was really interested!  And after that, we started finding more people that were accepting.  Imagine if we had stopped at 10.  Or what if we had gotten discouraged at 14.  We wouldn’t have found anyone.  Isn’t it amazing how obedience really brings blessings and how many times we’re tested in our obedience!  We are so blessed to have a President that is in tune with what we need to be doing.  We just need to trust in what he asks of us, put our trust in the Lord, and work through the storms to get to the blessings.  

Everything’s going great and we’re working hard.  My companion and I get along good.  He’s a fun guy and a hard worker.  So … ya … everything’s good!

About that rock thing that is in the MTC … I saw it while I was there!!!  It’s pretty cool!  It‘s in the front lobby, right by the front desk.  There‘s that and a really really old Book of Mormon … one of the first printed.  There’s a bunch of cool stuff there.  Maybe for the girls at Girls Camp who are planning on going on missions, you can mention where it’s at so they can find it while they’re there.

You asked about pictures … I love when you email me pictures.  I don’t print pictures out, but every now and then when you send me a story or quote, I print it out.  I can open up pictures and see them so feel free to send them.

Brittin, don’t worry about guys right now.  You’re not 16 yet.  Just tell them you “can’t like anyone until I get home and can look out for you“.  There’s your excuse.  haha

Also, I’m speaking on Sunday.  My subject is “Sustaining Missionary Work”.  haha  I’m trying to figure out a way to speak without asking for references and telling people they need to help us more.  That approach doesn’t work too well and the only thing I’ll receive is pity and the usual … “Ya ya.  We know Elder.  You want help.  Someone else will help.  Someone help these poor elders!”  haha.  Wish me luck!

I have to go! I love ya guys!!  I miss you all!!


P.S. - When are we coming back to Brazil as a family after the mission?  I’m curious and I already know the day I’ll go home.  I leave April 24th and arrive at home the 25th so when is it we’re coming back?  Also … I’ll put in exactly 2 years as an elder.  I was ordained April 25th!

Well … gotta go … love ya all!!!

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