Monday, October 29, 2012

Feeding Missionaries and Blessings Received

Dear Family!!

Oh my goodness! It’s soooo HOT!!!!!!! I’m dying. This is way worse than last year! It’s been in the upper 90's. Today is about 98 and humid humid humid!  And the worst part … NO WIND!!!  Oh man!  It’s rough walking around all day in this kind of weather.

Halloween is coming up and you can’t even tell.  They don’t celebrate Halloween here.  There’s only one place you can tell that it’s the time for Halloween, and that’s at Applebee’s.  There’s a really fancy mall in my area and there’s an Applebee’s in it.  When we walk past, you can see all the decorations.  I’ve never eaten there because it’s really really expensive!!  Like a normal plate is around 50 reais!!  Ya, pretty dang costly.

This week was a tough one … I’m not going to lie.  It was tough yet rewarding. First … the heat.  That is pretty much a killer.  Walking all day long under the beating sun with all the humidity and lack of wind … I’m dying!  I’m seriously dripping with sweat while we're walking around.  It’s brutal.

Then there’s the fact that no one is ever home.  I don’t understand this!!  I’ve never had such difficulty finding people at home.  We’ll mark an appointment … go to the house … and no one.  And it seems like when appointments fall they’re all on the same day!!  haha  This week just about everyday everything fell.  We hardly taught any lessons, just did tons of contacts.  We found some cool people though.  We went to one house and were looking for an inactive member.  We talked to his dad and had found out he had passed away.  However, they let us in to talk.  While talking, we found out they did have a slight interest in the church.  The son or brother of a lady that was there, apparently was pretty rough to raise.  She told us how he messed up quite a bit, but then found the church and made such an incredible change in his life.  We taught them the Plan of Salvation and they liked it a lot!!  Let’s see what happens with them.

This week we also had huge progress with an investigator.  She worked every Sunday morning.  She has two jobs, one that’s every night and one that’s every weekend morning.  Because of that, she would never go to church.  She said she needed those two jobs to pay for her bills and needs.  Thankfully, we have the restored gospel and the promises Heavenly Father made to his children who keep his commandments.  We taught her about keeping the Sabbath day holy and about tithing.  The two things that would most benefit her and help her out in her financial situation.  These truths would also help her out spiritually too.  This last Sunday, she had to work because her boss had already asked her.  He was going to be down a couple of people and asked if he could trust in her and she said, “Yes” … she would for sure be there.  So she said she had to go last Sunday, but then she’d start coming to church!!!!  Oh man!  That made me sooo happy!!!   Fingers crossed that she will continue with her decision because for sure she'll be blessed.

We had a really neat experience this past week.  I’ve never really thought of receiving blessings from giving lunch (or for back home … dinner) to the missionaries.  But on the mission, I’ve really seen how much people are blessed for helping.  One such experience was on Friday.  Our lunch appointment was cancelled and me and Elder Jubette are both really low on money.   Actually, we had the last few meals cancelled on us and we were going without for awhile.  We didn’t have any food and we were getting really hungry.  We decided to call up the member who has the calling to take care of the lunches.  We asked what we should do.  She started calling around but had no luck.  Then … called us and said to go to a sandwich restaurant that a recent convert (one of the people we baptized) owned.  He’d help us out.  The thing is, they’re just getting started so their restaurant is not thriving yet.  I knew it would be a sacrifice to feed us for free.  We almost didn’t go because we felt bad asking them to make such a huge sacrifice.  However, we had gone without food and were really hungry … so we went there.  A little after we had arrived, they started getting a bunch of calls with tons of orders!  And big orders too!!!  The wife of the recent convert (who has been a member for a while) started to cry.  Through her tears she said, “Oh how the Lord is good for blessing us!”  She then thanked us for giving them the privilege to be blessed.  I wasn’t sure what privilege we gave them because I was just starving.  They then shared with us that they had to make a payment on the motorcycle that day or they’d lose it.  This motorcycle was their livelihood.  They didn’t know how they were going to come up with the money.  With the money they just earned … they could make the payment!  It was a really neat experience that I will never forget.  Not just because some members made a huge sacrifice … one they couldn’t really afford … one that we were in desperate need of … and fed us missionaries.  But also because of the miracle they received for their willingness to make that sacrifice.  The Lord looks out for our needs and blessings rain down.  Look out for the missionaries.  They are the Lord servants … his hands on the Earth today.

So like I said at the beginning of this email ... this was a tough week.  However, the rewards made it all worth it.  It's like I have seen so often during my time serving ... the sun shines after the rain!

Well, I have to go.  I’m outta time!  I love you guys!


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