Monday, November 26, 2012

Pavlov's Dog and ... Christmas?

(Elder Fox with his Zone ... letting loose and having some fun!)

Dear Family!!!

Man! I had totally forgotten this last week was the week of Thanksgiving. It didn’t feel like it at all. I think that’s the plus side of being on the other hemisphere. When it comes time for the holiday season, it doesn’t seem like it at all. Why? Because it’s stinking hot out!!! haha What I’m used to is … once it’s coming up on the holiday season … there’s fires in the fire place, hot chocolate, and wearing jackets. Here you don’t want any of that! It’s all those little things that make it feel “Christmassy” or “Holiday Seasony” (if that’s a word. haha) It’s kind of like Pavlov’s test with the dogs. Every time he rang the bell, he gave the dog a treat. So every time the dog hears a bell now … his mouth waters. It’s kind of the same thing with the holiday season. Once all those little things start happening … cold, lights, fires, hot chocolate, Christmas music … you can’t help but feel happy and know/feel that it’s Christmas time. And because of that, you can’t help but not think of the family. However, when you’re living somewhere that’s the opposite of that, you don’t have too many cases of homesickness.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Changes and Faith ... They Go Hand In Hand

Elder Fox and Elder Jubette with some local artists.

Alright - so I don’t have tons of time because sending those pictures really ate up my time! I had to send them one by one because any more didn’t work. It took me forever. I’m not too sure what kind of pictures you wanted for the Christmas card, and if these fit the specification … but we took them … and I didn’t have tons of time to go out taking pictures. I took and sent some other ones as well, that I had taken just normally. I hope they work. I wore a red tie like you had mentioned but no one else wore red. Hopefully it’ll work.

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Moment Of ... "Family Fame"

(Elder Fox ... many years ago.  This quote says it all.)

Dear family,

Yes.  I heard the devastating news.  I asked a young man here, that’s been keeping me updated with politics, to let me know what happens.  He sent us a message so when I woke up Wednesday morning, I saw the horrible news.  Here in Brazil, they don’t know what it’s like back home, so everyone loves him.  They are just getting lies down here.  All the media spin and not the real truth about the economy and jobs.  Everyone is so excited that he won again.  Before the election I tried not to talk politics with people.  I especially didn’t talk about it with people who aren’t members, because we’re representing the church and it’s not our job to talk politics.  The fact that Mitt Romney is a member would make it seem even worse because then they could think that the church is promoting him which they are not.  I avoided that topic as much as possible.  On occasions when someone wanted to know who I was supporting, and kept asking, I told them it was my opinion and then said “Mitt Romney“.  However, now that the damage is done, I don’t hide the fact that I’m ticked.  I’m trying to not mix politics and my mission, but it’s so hard when someone comes and says, “Isn’t it wonderful that Obama won again!”  I try not to make a face of frustration and disappointment.  Seriously though … there was 135% voter turn out?!!  What are they going to do about that?  Is there going to be some kind of investigation?  Can they count the results because of voter fraud?  There’s a new Elder that just got here and he’s from Florida.  He said, “Ya, I hope my Floridians come through and call a recount again.”  haha  Oh … side note … this Elder is from Orlando and apparently knew Mitch on his mission.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Missing Pumpkin and Prayers Answered

(These are the pumpkins Elder Fox was talking about.)
Dear family,

Hey guys!!!!  How’s it going!!!

So Belle … you got lots of candies on Halloween??  That’s good.  At least one of us was received on Halloween.  haha  We literally were walking the WHOLE ENTIRE DAY!  Nobody let us in!  Not just Wednesday but Tuesday too.  Both days were spent just walking and being rejected.  What a lovely Halloween.  And the worst part, even though they didn’t let us in (which is normal for Halloween), they didn’t even give us candy!  Can you believe it???  haha  But it was really cool because in the condominium we live in there was a Halloween party for the kids.  It was kind of like the ward Trick or Treat when Halloween was on Sunday and the houses were already designated.  It was neat when we got home because there were a bunch of kids walking around which isn’t normal because no one here celebrates Halloween.  It wasn’t to the extent that it is back in the States but it was cool.  We made a pumpkin too.  We bought one and carved it.  We made the “vomiting face” like I did that one year.  They don’t have orange pumpkins like back home here, so I bought one of those black ones.  We put it out in front of our apartment building.  We were the only ones with pumpkins, and when we were putting it out the little kids that were in the stairway of our apartment thought it was the coolest thing ever.  I imagine it was also them that took my pumpkin because the next day it was gone.  But congrats for your pumpkins girls!  At first I didn’t understand what Brittin’s was.  I thought it meant “first dimension“, like how there’s 3D movies and stuff.  Thanks for explaining it to me Mom.  It makes a bit more sense now.  I still have no idea who this One Direction is.  In a bit less than 6 months I guess I’ll find out.