Monday, October 15, 2012

Carta Trunky ... Trunky Letter

(One of Elder Fox's Bishops and his wife from Brazil, came to Las Vegas to visit.)
Dear Family,

Hello!!  How’s life back home?  Sounds like you guys had a good time.  Tell them, "Elder Fox está mandando um abraço"  haha  Ya, they are really cool.  I miss them a bunch.  That ward was fun … hard … but fun.  And their family is way cool!  I remember one day when I was there, we got dragged into a bit of a family fight that was nuts.  It was crazy and I had absolutely no idea what to do to help.  Then I thought, “Well, they’re members, so they’re outside of my authority and I’m not supposed to give advice to members.”  Either way, I was still stuck in that situation and we didn’t want to just take off and wish them good luck.  I could only think of one thing … call the bishop.  So, I gave Bishop Rafael a jingle and felt kind of bad because the guy is really busy and he finally had some time with his family.  Now we were calling up to pull him away from his family and drag another problem into the life of an already busy bishop.  But he was really helpful and really cool about it.  He brought his wife over too and she helped out tons.  They calmed everyone down and worked out the situation really quick.  They are really great people!  I love their family.  If you guys have some photos, send them to me.

This week was crazy!!  I’ll start off with Monday.  We started off Monday night with a lesson with a guy that showed up at church one day and didn’t want us to teach him.  I don’t know if I already mentioned him, but he wouldn’t accept us saying he already knew everything.  His friend had taught him everything.  Well, we were able to get his friend to convince him to let us teach him.  We taught him the first lesson really quickly and did a lesson interview.  Basically we asked him all the questions from a baptismal interview just in a not-interview situation.  He really did know everything already!  And he had a testimony of the gospel.  Immediately we challenged him to be baptized.  He said, “Yes!” and he didn’t want to wait.  We marked the baptism for Saturday.  Come Saturday, we had a baptism and the first time we taught him was a week ago.

Tuesday was a normal day.  Well, a normal day for this area.  We had nothing to do and no one to teach so we got out tracting.  (What a joy huh?  haha)  We also tried visiting some people we met doing contacts, visited less actives or old investigators, etc.  It’s kind of rough.  Wednesday we went and taught a family and then took off for São Paulo.  I had to go to the police office to renew my visa.  I’m finally legal!!  Thursday we went there and it was fun because the guys from the MTC (Elder Downer and Elder Krusi) and some other guys that have a little bit less time than us but got here in Brazil the same day, were there too.  I’m really good friends with all those guys so it was a ton of fun getting to meet up with them!

As we went to leave São Paulo, the busses were really late.  It was kind of crazy and then once the bus finally got there, 40 min late, we took off.  On our way home we hit really bad traffic.  A trip that normally takes 2 hours took us about 5!  It was brutal.  We got back to our area so late and only had time to teach Bruno, the guy that was baptized on Saturday.  Friday was his interview so we did a division.  I was with Elder Ahmed.  He's really cool.  He’s from New York.  He lives in Queens.  The dudes a stud!  He’s a really really good missionary.  He was in the MTC with Parker Riggin and they’re good friends.  He’s planning a trip to Vegas and said he'll look me up.  We got lost a couple of times.  I still don’t know the area super well but we made it around.  Also, Friday was “Kid's Day”.  I always remember when me and Kassie were little and asked why there isn’t a “Kid’s Day” because there’s a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day.  Well, here there’s a “Kid’s Day”.  Awesome!  Every time I heard people talk about this day it reminded me of home.

Saturday, we were running around trying to let everyone know about the baptism and getting everything ready for the baptism.  Our Ward Mission Leader was traveling, so we had to fill the font and go back to start heating it.  Thankfully everything worked out and he was baptized.  I was happy to see quite a few people there.  By the end of the week, I was so dead.  I don’t know why, but I was so tired!!!

Also … I got my "Carta Trunky" … my “Trunky Letter“.  I don’t know if Dad or Peter had that on their missions, but it’s what we get that tells us the day we go home.  It also asks us if our family is coming here to get us.  I said, “No.”  It also asks the Ward and Stake and Stake President.  It inquired as to what airport I wanted to go to.  Obviously, I picked Las Vegas.  I was thinking about going on vacation, but I decided it would be better not to.  Haha

Well, I have to run.  My times almost out.  I love you guys tons!!!  I miss you all a bunch!!


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