Monday, November 19, 2012

Changes and Faith ... They Go Hand In Hand

Elder Fox and Elder Jubette with some local artists.

Alright - so I don’t have tons of time because sending those pictures really ate up my time! I had to send them one by one because any more didn’t work. It took me forever. I’m not too sure what kind of pictures you wanted for the Christmas card, and if these fit the specification … but we took them … and I didn’t have tons of time to go out taking pictures. I took and sent some other ones as well, that I had taken just normally. I hope they work. I wore a red tie like you had mentioned but no one else wore red. Hopefully it’ll work.

This week was really tiring. We were working really hard on finding new people to teach. We had Mission Counsel this Wednesday. We had to go to Sao Paulo and have our meeting with the President and the other leaders on the mission, and got the training and everything we needed. After it was all done, we loaded into the van, and took off to our areas.  We arrived back to our area kind of late and had time to visit with an investigator of ours.

The biggest news that I have this week are the announcements. Now no where in Brasil are the Elders allowed to play sports … nor have any Zone or District activities. We can’t get together with other Elders on P-Day anymore. Oh man! Zone activities are so much fun and when you don’t get together with other Elders, you have nothing to do except sit around in your house. Not to be trunky, but thank goodness I only have 5 months left. If it was two years of never doing anything, I would go crazy. At least I had my year and 7 months of fun on P-Days. But hey … what can you do. The Area Presidency knows what they’re doing. They are looking out for our best interest so we just go with the new plan.

Also, the goal of contacts was changed. Before, President wanted us to do 15 throughout the day. Now he wants us to do 30. This change is actually really good. With 15 contacts you talk to a lot of people, but you still go picking and choosing. Doing thirty … you just go out and talk to everyone. There was a picture I sent of us with two artists. Normally I wouldn’t have contacted them because they were busy and everything. But because we were talking to everyone, we stopped and talked to them. They are way cool!!! So it’s working out good! We were able to find a bunch of people to teach and this week is going to be awesome!

Here’s an update on some of our investigators … We have one that is way cool and really wants to know if the church is true. However, she’s waiting for a huge "sign" to know. We’ve tried everything, but she’s so hard. We couldn’t think of anything else to do, so we’re going there on Wednesday with President Martins. He’s coming out here because on Wednesday we have interviews with him. After the interviews, we're going over to teach her. Hopefully President will be able to help out. We also have one that passed her baptismal interview but still won’t accept a date! It’s so frustrating. She knows the church is true but wouldn’t accept. Finally we found out what the problem is. She left her work so she could go to church, but now the problem she has is that she needs money to pay her bills and stuff. She‘s worried that she’ll get baptized and not be able to find a job that she won’t have to work on Sundays. If she has to work on Sundays, she won’t be able to go to church. We’re trying to help her develop faith to know that if she’s faithful, Heavenly Father will bless her. I have gained a huge testimony of this on my mission. It amazes me that even with a little faith, the Lord rains down blessings. I can understand how this is hard for her though. It‘s a huge step of faith into the darkness. I’m just trying to help her see that once she steps into that darkness and takes the Lord’s hand … she’ll be blessed with light. Hopefully she'll be able to understand.

Well guys … I’m so sorry this is so short. Those pictures seriously killed all my time. I went and downloaded them all and then tried to send it. However, it didn’t have enough memory to send it all, so I had to delete them and download them one by one. Anyways - have to go. I love you guys tons!! I miss you all!


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