Monday, November 5, 2012

Missing Pumpkin and Prayers Answered

(These are the pumpkins Elder Fox was talking about.)
Dear family,

Hey guys!!!!  How’s it going!!!

So Belle … you got lots of candies on Halloween??  That’s good.  At least one of us was received on Halloween.  haha  We literally were walking the WHOLE ENTIRE DAY!  Nobody let us in!  Not just Wednesday but Tuesday too.  Both days were spent just walking and being rejected.  What a lovely Halloween.  And the worst part, even though they didn’t let us in (which is normal for Halloween), they didn’t even give us candy!  Can you believe it???  haha  But it was really cool because in the condominium we live in there was a Halloween party for the kids.  It was kind of like the ward Trick or Treat when Halloween was on Sunday and the houses were already designated.  It was neat when we got home because there were a bunch of kids walking around which isn’t normal because no one here celebrates Halloween.  It wasn’t to the extent that it is back in the States but it was cool.  We made a pumpkin too.  We bought one and carved it.  We made the “vomiting face” like I did that one year.  They don’t have orange pumpkins like back home here, so I bought one of those black ones.  We put it out in front of our apartment building.  We were the only ones with pumpkins, and when we were putting it out the little kids that were in the stairway of our apartment thought it was the coolest thing ever.  I imagine it was also them that took my pumpkin because the next day it was gone.  But congrats for your pumpkins girls!  At first I didn’t understand what Brittin’s was.  I thought it meant “first dimension“, like how there’s 3D movies and stuff.  Thanks for explaining it to me Mom.  It makes a bit more sense now.  I still have no idea who this One Direction is.  In a bit less than 6 months I guess I’ll find out.

So about presents … to be honest, I don’t really want anything.  Just maybe some food.  Come Christmas, I’ll have only 4 months left so there isn’t really anything I would need.  The stuff I have will hopefully get me through the last 4 weeks.  Please just send me a normal package.  I was also wondering if you think Santa would do me a favor this year.  I’ve been extra good.  (Obviously since I’m a missionary and keeping all the rules and working my butt off.)  Do you think he would perhaps hold off on a present for me until April?   I would prefer to receive a Santa present when I’m home because it could be more useful then.  Plus, I won’t have to worry about transfers and having tons of stuff to bring with me.  For birthday and Christmas presents from you guys, I would prefer that you guys save a couple bucks so we can do fun stuff and have some extra money for the trip.   It’s so expensive to send stuff.  I would just prefer little things like food.  I’m also in need of Gold Bond.  haha  And some odor eaters would be cool too.  (Those shoe insert things didn’t work too super well, and there’s something here I use, but it’s not quite as good as odor eaters so that would be a wonderful present.)  So please, don’t worry about buying tons of stuff.  Just keep it very simple.  Last Christmas I felt kind of bad because what I got was freaking awesome!  I really loved it, but my companion didn’t get anything from home.  He and his family don’t have too much and so who knows if I’ll have a Brazilian companion like the one I had last Christmas.  Basically, just a bunch of food would be good.  I’d also like some maple syrup just as an idea.

So this was a really hard week.  Really tiring and lots of walking and rejections.  But, hey, that’s part of the mission.  A couple of really cool things happened this week.  First off, one of our investigators, Fabiana, made some huge progress.  I think I mentioned her.  She‘s the one that worked Sunday mornings, and we taught the Sabbath day and tithing to her.  I talked about her right?  Well, anyways, she went to church on Sunday!  And liked it a ton!!  We'll probably try and mark a baptismal date with her on Tuesday.  Let’s see what happens.  Also, we had a huge relief this week.  It has just been getting hotter and hotter.  Tuesday was the hottest day in the last 10 years and Wednesday was just about the same.  These were the days we ended up just walking.  Wednesday we had lunch at a member’s house that we absolutely love and they really love us like family.  (The father of the family was one of the people we baptized.)   Before we left, we said a prayer and I asked in the prayer for the weather to cool down a bit.  The whole day we were praying for that.  The next day the temperature dropped a ton!!   Oh my gosh it was wonderful!!!   We stopped by where that family works and they said, “Congrats for your powerful prayer.”  haha  It made me laugh, but man it saved my life.  Also, at that lunch it was soo good!!!!  They made us some American style food.  A long time ago they asked, “What’s some of the stuff you love to eat and haven’t eaten in a while?”  I said, “American food!”  They asked, “What would be American food?”  I said, “Barbecue … like steak, ribs, and some other stuff too.”  One of them asked if I could have any of those things at that moment what would it be?  I said, “Ribs!”  Well that was over a month ago and they remembered what I had said and we showed up and they had prepared ribs!  Oh man it was sooo good!  You could almost taste the love they put in that food!  There were ribs, salad, baked potatoes, potato salad, and beans and rice.  (We’re in Brazil and you can’t have a meal without beans and rice.  haha)

Well, I have to get going now, my times almost up and when time runs out … the computer shuts off.  That’s why sometimes my closing lines are so short.  I’m racing to finish.  I love you guys!!!


Oh … PS … today is transfers.  I’m pretty sure I’ll stay and my companion will be transferred.  Let‘s see who my next companion is going to be …

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