Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Awesome Brothers Get Promoted To Uncle" ... and Awesome Elders Too!

(Christmas 2012 ... we were able to skype with Elder Fox and surprise him with the news that he was going to be an Uncle!)
(Everyone else celebrating the news!)

Hey Family,

Adeus 2012!! Oi 2013!!!!

Hey guys sorry I’m writing today.  On Monday and Tuesday everything was closed down, including all the public computer places.  President told us to use the internet on Wednesday, but Wednesday we had a meeting in Sao Paulo.  We left our house at 6 am and didn’t get back until a little after 6 pm and all the places that we use computers at were already shut down.  Because of that, we had to use them today.  But don’t worry … I’m still alive and fine.  ; )

I don’t have tons of time because we have to do a bunch of stuff today, and in a bit we’re going to start a division so I’m short on time.  But first of all … I have something I’ve been waiting years to be able to say …

(hahaha! I couldn’t resist!)

As for me, I’m doing just great.  These last couple of weeks have been really stressful, but things are getting a bit better.  There was a day that we had to take an hour bus trip to another area to break up a fight with some elders.  We had to sit down with them for a while and talked about feelings and stuff.  haha  Oh joy!  But ya, the Zone I’m in is kind of tough and there are a lot of really dead missionaries.  I’ve been trying to figure out what we can do to try and help.  No matter what we say they just ignore it and act like what we’re saying and doing isn’t important.  It’s tough and I’ve been praying a lot, looking for answers, of what we can do to help.  Yesterday while chatting with Sister Martins, I got a response to those prayers.  We were talking about a bunch of stuff and out of no where she started talking about a scripture.  It was one about Nephi.  It was the one when Nephi was commanded to build a ship and his brothers had that attitude of, “This isn’t possible!” and they didn’t want to work.  What was it that Nephi did?  He started working!  When his brothers saw that he was succeeding in his work, that the task was possible, and what he was creating was wonderful … they started to help!  She related that scripture and I started to think how that’s basically how a lot of the missionaries are in my Zone.  So what is it that we need to do?  Just go to work and let them see the results!  I love when you get little responses to prayers like that.  It was just like with my fears before the mission; when we went to Brigham Young’s house and I got my response to my prayers.

Christmas we spent working like normal.  It was a tough day with lots of rejections, but the big message we had for everyone we talked to while tracting (since all of our investigators went on vacation) was the first Christmas in the Americas … 3 Nephi 1.  It sparked some peoples curiosity.  New Years, we were asleep at 10:30.  haha  So ya, it was just a normal day.

Last week we had a cool experience.  That week, every date that our Zone had fell so we didn’t have a single date.  On Saturday we set out looking for someone to be baptized.  That was our goal.  It was simple.  Find someone new to mark a date with.  Basically, find an elect.  That day we taught an 18 year-old named Edimilson who accepted a date for the 12th.  Then that night, as we were walking in the rain to an appointment, we ran into him.  He asked us where we were going and I told him the name of the neighborhood.  He said, "Well I have nothing to do so can I go with you guys?"  I told him we were going to teach someone and he responded, "I'll go with you guys and see how this mission thing is … to see if I want to do it too."  So he went with us.  The next day, he went to church with us, and during the lesson in Gospel Principles, Sister Elisangela taught about goals.  She had us write down goals for the year 2013.  His first goal written was “Be Baptize!”  I saw that, and then after the lesson went and said, "So you made a goal to get baptized?"  He said, “Yes!”  Then I asked, "Well, what about this Saturday?"  He accepted and is going to be interviewed today, and baptized on Saturday.  He’s really excited for Saturday and is even already thinking about serving a mission.  The Lord truly blessed us.  We were blessed and led so that we could find the elect that we were searching for.  And the hard work and rejections on all the other days, helped us gain that blessing!

I got the other package, but I still haven’t gotten the shirt.  I got the package yesterday.  It arrived at the Mission Office yesterday afternoon.  We passed by there in the morning and there were no packages.  Then in the afternoon, we went to the office again after our meeting, and it had arrived!!  It was really cool.  My companion really really liked the stuff that was for him and got really excited.  It made him really happy!  I also loved the stuff too. It’s fun to have that kind of stuff in the house.  We need to have some time to relax a bit and be “normal“.  And the tie is really nice!  I’m wearing it right now.  Thanks a ton!!!!!!!

I’m sorry this is so short.  I seriously have no time.  However, I have to go.  I love you guys tons!  I’ll write a better email next week!


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