Monday, January 21, 2013

Gold Flecks and Small Experiences

(The story Elder Fox was referring to can be found in the May 2011 Ensign.  It was a talk given by Elder M. Russell Ballard titled "Finding Joy Through Loving Service.) 

Dear Family,

Hey everyone!! Man, this was a crazy week! Not too many crazy experiences, but lots of hard work and some experiences involving the spirit. First of all … on Monday, I got a bit of rest because I was totally dead! I wrote a letter to make up for the bad email.  So I was able to share the stuff I wanted to say, but didn’t have time for are in the email. 6 o’clock came around and it was pouring rain. We had an appointment at 6:30 kind of far from home … so off we went to teach him. It was a guy we had contacted one day at a park and he seemed way cool. We were going down his street, getting closer and closer to his address, and then we realized the address he gave us didn’t exist. We went to another road on the side of the one we were on to see if that road had the number.  It didn’t.  A little bummed and wet, we started going to another house.  Then came an impression, like words in my head … “Go back to the street and knock on a door close to the address he had given.”  So we returned and knocked on a door with the address closest to the one he gave us.  Someone came and answered the door and I wasn’t sure what I should say.  I just asked, "By any chance does (his name) live here?"  She responded, "Yes.  Yes he does."  She caught me by total surprise.  I was already thinking of what we would say when she said “no” and then came a positive response.  I paused a moment a little caught off guard, and shocked by the fact that he actually lived there.  Then I came back to my senses and asked if he was home.  She said he wasn’t.  There had been a family problem and he had to go out of town.  We explained who we were, how we had already talked to him, and that he told us to go there.  She said she wanted to hear the lessons too when we teach the other guy.  It was such a neat experience!  The spirit lead us to the right house after writing down the wrong address.

On Tuesday we had a division.  I brought the District Leader to our area and we worked there together.  It was a good time.  Wednesday the Assistants came and did a division with us.  I worked with Elder Vincent.  He’s from Sandy, Utah.  He’s a cool guy and we had a good time and worked pretty hard.  The rest of the week was just one of those weeks.  Nothing really happened except just normal work.  We’ve been doing tons of contacts.

Saturday we were going to lunch and we had planned to do a bunch of contacts on the way there.  The only problem was that the roads were deserted.  I saw a woman up in front of us kind of far and took off running after her.  Well not actually running but walking very fast.  Unfortunately I lost her.  At that point, we were a little off the way we usually take to get to lunch.  We could get there from where we were at ... it was just a different path.  We started walking.  As we were going along, we walked past a place where a recent convert works.  I thought, “Well … we’re a little early for lunch.  Let‘s pay a visit to him.”  We visited a bit and then gave a little message.  I told that story you sent me called “A Prospector’s Wisdom”.  I talked about the importance of paying attention to the little things in life.  He said he was really needing that message and thanked us for it.  Apparently that day had been a pretty tough day for him.  He needed a little “pick-me-up” and our message did just that.  That’s when I realized that the idea to go visit him was from the Holy Ghost.  The Lord knows the people who need us.  He never leaves us alone without any help.  I was so thankful the Spirit lead me to that place that day.

The last little experience that I had was yesterday ... Sunday.  My ward begins with classes.  First is Elders Quorum and Relief Society.  I was sitting in Elders Quorum and out of no where popped into my mind a less active member that we've been visiting.  He had mentioned to us that their family was going to need us pushing them for them to go back to church.  Him telling us that kept passing through my head.  I felt strongly that we needed to go to their house.  I talked to Elder Irlan and we decided to divide in case an investigator showed up.  I went with a member in his car and we chit chatted a lot about the missionary work.  He is the High Counselor responsible for the missionary work.  We went over what’s going on in the stake and filled him in on various people.  Since me and my companion are the Zone Leaders, we have meetings with him.  Basically, we had a little meeting and talked for a long time.  I really like him a lot.  He’s the Stake President of my last area's brother.  Anyway, we got to the house and they weren’t home.  At the house there was only one of their daughters and their baby daughter.  We left a little message written down for them and went back to the chapel.  I’m not sure why we needed to go there.  Maybe they were in need of seeing that someone cared.  Or maybe it was simply for me to talk with the High Counselor.  All I know is that we were supposed to go there … so we did.  It’s just like October’s General Conference from last year.  When we decided to walk home in the rain.  I have no idea why we needed to … I just know we did.  And Sunday we were needed to go to that house.  I have no idea why and I don’t need to know why.  I just know that I did go and I felt really good that I went and listened to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

Tonight we have a Family Home Evening with an investigator that’s really awesome and her husband who never wanted to talk to us but agreed to do a Family Home Evening.  We’re finally going to be able to visit with him.  It will be awesome!  Tomorrow we have a meeting in São Paulo.  The bus that’s rented for us to take there, is leaving at 6 in the morning.  That means we have to wake up at 4 to get ready, and then take buses to where we have to get the bus going to São Paulo.  Oh what joy!  haha  It’s going to be worth it.  Elder Craig C. Christensen, who’s in the Presidency of the 70, is coming to give a little training!  I’m excited.  Just think at 10:00 tonight back home, I’ll be waking up … and grumbling!  Just kidding.

I have to get going now.  I miss you guys tons!  But I’m loving being here!  I hope you’re all doing great!


P.S. Tell Nana and Papa I got their card and that I said “THANKS!”

P.P.S. Tell Emily and Megan I said “CONGRATS!“ for their calls!  Man!  EVERYONE is leaving huh?  That’s crazy.

P.P.P.S. I was talking to a member about you guys coming to pick me up and he was saying that car rentals here are expensive. Like 200 reais a day. That’s like 100 dollars.  He’s the second member to tell me that.  Apparently it’s not as cheap as in the States.  He said that through his company he can get car rentals a lot cheaper so if you guys want, you can talk to him about it.  Or we can get around the town like I do … by bus and on foot.  haha  Tell me what you want.

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