Monday, January 7, 2013

Monster Burgers and an Incredible Baptism!

(Elder Fox and Elder Cachiotti attempting the Monster Burger.)
(They put everything in this burger!)

Dear Family

Hey everyone!!  How’s life??  How is school going? It’s only been a few days since my last email, but a bunch has happened in these 4 days. Thursday I did a division with Elder Cachiotti. I love that guy to death. He’s a really good friend. He’s from Washington. He’s trying to transfer over to BYU so if we both get in we talked about rooming together. He came to my area to do the baptismal interview for Edimilson. The interview went great, and we had a really good and successful day of work. That night, we bought a monster burger. There’s this place that makes a burger that has two kilos of meat! It is huge! And really hard to make. The owner of the place has a competition that you have 2 hours to eat two of them. If you do it, you get 500 reais and eat for free for a year. Nobody has ever managed to do it. There was only one guy that got close. He only had 200 grams left, but the owner of the restaurant had to take him to the hospital.  I’ll send some pictures of it home next week.

Friday we worked like normal, but also stopped by a bunch of member’s houses to invite them to the baptism.

Saturday was the rush for all the last minute baptism preparation. We had a bunch of stuff to do to get ready for the baptism, and had a bunch of people to teach. After lunch, we went to the chapel and filled up the baptismal font.  We had to clean it out first because it was kind of dirty.  Not clean with cleaner and stuff, but sweeping and all that jazz.  Then we filled it up.  After that, we set out to work.  We had a bunch of people to teach.  Once teaching was done, we ran back to our apartment to grab our suits and stuff for the baptism.  Then we were off to the church.  We didn’t have time to stop by the chapel before the baptism to start heating the font unfortunately, so the water was cold.  But it was hot out so I don’t think it was that horrible.  I guess it all worked out because Edimilson asked if he could be baptized again because it felt good. haha.  All in all ... it was a really good baptism.  The best part was that his family went, and the best of all was his mom.  Before she didn’t seem too interested in what we taught.  At the baptism, the spirit was so strong, and she was crying.  She then went to church and loved it!  It was funny because this Sunday was testimony meeting and out of no where she stood up and went up front.  I got kind of nervous because I had no idea what she would say, because we had never taught her before.  But it was really neat!  She talked about how much she loved her son.  She talked about what a great example he is to them all and how great she felt at the baptism and at church.  She expressed how she had the wrong impression of the church and now she has had such a huge change in her heart.  She participated in the classes that day and asked lots of questions.  It was really cool!  We’re going to teach her tomorrow with some members and maybe mark a baptismal date if she wants.

Today we went to the center of the city and I bought some terêrê to drink.  It’s that stuff you drink out of the cup thing I sent home.  I’ll send you guys some pictures of what it looks like.  No … the shirt hasn’t come yet … nor the Christmas card from Nana and Papa.  Well … that’s pretty much all and I’m all out of time.  This keypad is weird so it’s hard to write and it’s been taking me a while to type this email.

Anyway, I have to go.  I  love you guys a ton!!!  I miss you all a lot!  Last night I had a dream I finished the mission and got to the airport and no one was there.  haha  When I get home, don’t forget about me!  hahaha  But things are going great and we should be having lots of baptisms here now.  I love you guys!


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