Monday, January 14, 2013

Storms and Eternity

Dear family!!

Hey guys!  So how’s life?? I’m so exhausted right now. This last week killed me! I’m so beat and I just want to curl up in my bed and sleep. haha The weather has been really nice and kind of funny too. This last week it’s been really cloudy, which is wonderful because it’s cooled off a lot!! It’s a lot nicer to walk around in cloudy days. The funny part however, is what’s been happening with the rain. The whole entire week I’ve been walking around with an umbrella, and none of those days had rain. Then Saturday came around and I looked outside and it was cloudy.  It looked like there was less chance of rain so I left my umbrella at home. We left, and once we were on the other side of our area, it started pouring rain. We got soaked! And we were in an area with a lot of factories and work buildings so we had nowhere to hide. After a while of walking, we finally got to where some houses were, and from one of the houses some guy called to us and told us to come in and get out of the rain. It was really nice of him and we waited there for the rain to pass by. Then on Sunday, I looked out the window and there were no clouds and it was sunny and blue skies.  I thought, “Alright! I definitely won’t bring my umbrella.” After our church meeting ended, we looked outside and it was pouring rain. We waited a bit for the rain to pass but it didn’t so we set off in the rain. After lunch, it was still raining non-stop so we went walking in the rain to get to an appointment. After the appointment, we went home to change clothes and grab our umbrellas. When we walked outside … the rain stopped!!! And didn’t rain again the rest of the day. Then today was the same thing. It didn’t look like it would rain so I left my umbrella at home.  Then came the rain. So basically … when I have an umbrella it doesn’t rain … and the few times this week that I didn’t have one, it rained.

This was a kind of tough week. We walked a lot and had very few results from it. I know we planted lots of seeds but at the same time I would like to harvest a bit too. Haha We have an investigator whose husband didn’t want to talk to us and there was nothing really for us to do. It was tough because we don’t want to cause problems, or try and baptize her without her husband knowing anything about the church. She and her son like the church a lot but the husband is a little difficult. I can understand a bit. He doesn’t know much about the church so we seem like just two more people preaching.  And he’s a busy guy. When he’s home, he wants to spend time with his family. However, the thing that he doesn’t realize is that through the gospel, we can spend eternity with our families. Anyway, we got an idea that I’m sure was inspired from our Heavenly Father. We decided to get a member to invite them to a Family Home Evening. It’s easy to deny us, but some normal people that live in your neighborhood is a little bit harder. He accepted and now we’re going to get to know him a bit better.  And he will be able to get to know us too.  Maybe when he sees us in this setting, he will realize we are just normal guys who have the greatest gift to give him ... an answer to those "Storms" in life and eternity with his family.

I have to get going. I’m super tired and not thinking so great right now. I’ve been typing slowly because I’ve been making lots of mistakes and having to fix them and, ya, I’m just not thinking too straight. This caused me to lose a lot of time and now I’m all out of time. Sorry this email is not very informative. But seriously … I’m super beat! Thankfully I’ll have an hour to rest a little.

I love you guys a ton!!


P.S. - I’ve been meaning to ask you guys this since the beginning of the mission. There’s an Elder … a good friend of mine that I’ve known since the beginning of the mission … and he’s Brazilian.  He absolutely loves Mint 3 Musketeers.  Would you guys mind sending some for him.  Even if that’s the only thing in the box because he would be really happy.  Thanks!

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