Monday, February 25, 2013

Are We Listening?

(These birds are all over where Elder Fox is serving.)

Dear Family,

No … I still haven’t gotten the package.  :(  I’m hoping I’ll get it on Thursday because we have a Zone Conference.  Elder Mazagardi, a member of the Quorum of the 70 and 2nd Counselor in the Brazilian Area Presidency will come and give a training to us.  When we have Zone Conference, President brings all the letters and packages with him.  So let’s see.  If it doesn’t come by Thursday, then at least next week is transfers and I’ll get it then.  If I don’t go to the office, someone from my zone will, and will get it for me.  Hopefully it comes soon.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Beating The Heat!

(Elder Fox and Elder Riggins.  They both knew each other in High School and now they're in Brazil together.)

Dear Family,

So why didn’t you guys tell me what Kassie’s having?  Everyone in the whole world is allowed to know except me??  haha  The package still hasn’t come yet.  The next opportunity that I’ll have to receive a package will be next week on Friday, if it comes before then.  That’s the next time someone is coming from Sao Paulo out here.  I’m still waiting for the shirt telling me I’ll be an Uncle.  So who knows when the package will arrive.  I hope it comes soon.

Monday, February 11, 2013

"After the Rain Comes the Sunshine"

Hey guys!!!

I was worried that there wouldn’t be anywhere open to send emails today.  We lucked out and found a place that was open.  This weekend (Saturday until Tuesday) is Carnival!!!!!!  Oh joy.  Everyone drunk and partying all night.  Haha  The area that I’m at is pretty chill.  There’s not too much craziness going on.  It’s funny because last year I was in a tiny city and it was way worse there.  At least here, being a slightly bigger city, there are certain parts of the city where the parties are.  Thankfully none of them are in my area.  At least as far as I know.  I feel bad for a companionship in my Zone.  Every night there’s a huge party right by their house with about a thousand people all drunk and blasting their music.  Sucks for them!  haha

Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy For Home ... But Wanting To Stay

("I love the life I'm living right now.  It's a hard one, but worth it."  - Elder Fox) 
Dear Family

Hey … sorry guys, but I’m going to say now that I don’t have lots of time.  I’m going to write this fast and try to include as much as I can.  On the plus side, there wasn’t very much at all that happened this last week.  No one was transferred.  Almost the whole mission stayed the same.  There were very few changes.  So not too much news from last week.  Actually, it was a pretty tough one.  We ended up walking a ton and not having hardly anyone let us in.  I have never received so many false addresses as I have in this area.  It‘s starting to get a little tiring.  The other day someone passed his address but I could tell it wasn’t his real address.  I asked him if he was being honest and he said, “Yes” but it was so obvious that it wasn’t the truth.  I said to him, “Please be honest with us.  Our time is precious and we only have 2 years to teach as many people as possible.  We don’t have a minute to lose.  We are representatives of Jesus Christ and our time is sacred.  Do you want us to go to your house or not?”  He looked a little embarrassed, apologized for not telling the truth, and said that he wasn’t interested. I wish everyone would just be honest with us. I thank people for their sincerity when they tell us they aren’t interested.  Our job out here is to find those people searching for the truth.  Those people who want to make a difference in their lives and find true happiness.  This man we met was very kind and didn’t want to disappoint us but I was thankful for his honesty in the end.  And I made sure I told him that.  Anyway, we spent a couple of days just walking and walking and walking.  haha