Monday, February 11, 2013

"After the Rain Comes the Sunshine"

Hey guys!!!

I was worried that there wouldn’t be anywhere open to send emails today.  We lucked out and found a place that was open.  This weekend (Saturday until Tuesday) is Carnival!!!!!!  Oh joy.  Everyone drunk and partying all night.  Haha  The area that I’m at is pretty chill.  There’s not too much craziness going on.  It’s funny because last year I was in a tiny city and it was way worse there.  At least here, being a slightly bigger city, there are certain parts of the city where the parties are.  Thankfully none of them are in my area.  At least as far as I know.  I feel bad for a companionship in my Zone.  Every night there’s a huge party right by their house with about a thousand people all drunk and blasting their music.  Sucks for them!  haha

I’m not sure about my flight information yet.  I'll probably get it all next week.  I thought I would get it this week but I didn’t so it’ll probably be next week.  It’s the Secretary of the mission that buys the tickets and last Wednesday he said he would buy mine pretty soon.  I’m thinking that it might be next week.  Or the week after.  Who knows.  I’m pretty sure I’ll arrive in the morning.  Well actually,  it depends if there’s a flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas on that day.  Usually we fly from here to Atlanta and then to our cities.  If there’s no flight from Atlanta to Vegas, I’ll probably have to go through Salt Lake and then down to Vegas so it might be later.  If there’s a direct flight I’ll get there in the morning.  We'll just have to wait and see.  President Martins wouldn’t know what time I’ll be getting home.  That’s with the Secretary.  He sends it to me in an email and then I’ll forward it to you guys.

Belle!  Congrats on the win!!!!!  That’s awesome!!!  You destroyed everyone in such short time too!

Britt … good luck with track.  One thing I liked to do at the start of the season when my legs were hurting, is sit in the pool.  Ice helps and people take ice baths too.  The way I saw it, why take an ice bath if my pool is freezing cold.  So I would sit in the shallow part on the step and relax for a bit.  It’s miserable, but after, it feels good!  (Also … when you get out, your legs are pretty much numb so you can stretch them out pretty good.)

As for me, I’m doing good.  These last couple of days I’ve been getting really stressed out.  Like … I’ve been feeling sick and having huge headaches from the stress.  I think it’s a bit of what I mentioned the other day.  On Friday I almost threw up and wasn’t eating very much which got the members worried about me.   I usually eat a lot and they were mentioning, “Elder Fox, you usually eat lots more.  Do you not like the food?”  People treat us really good here with food and try and give their best.  If you don’t eat a lot, they get worried that you don’t like it.  But it’s all delicious!  I really like the food here.  Anyway, it's just a lot of stuff to do and a lot of pressure.  When things aren’t start to feel easy, it feels like the load doubles.  haha  But Elder Irlan realized that I wasn’t doing too well, and getting exhausted and kind of stressed out, which he said “really called his attention”.  He said I’m normally totally happy and laid back.  We had a good chat and made some changes and I’m starting to feel better now and a little bit more at ease.

This Sunday, all the hard work for these last couple of difficult weeks paid off.  An inactive member, his wife and baby son came to church yesterday.  The guy that’s inactive said that he had been feeling so strongly that he needed to go back to church.  He said every time he had a hard day or was bummed out, he would see the missionaries … without fail.  This was one more proof to him that he needed to go to church.  We grabbed their address and went to their house.  Oh man!  They’re so cool!!  I really like them a lot.  They are really friendly and nice too.  Marcelo (the husband) is a personal trainer and likes to run and long board.  His wife is a physical therapist.  We have very similar interests.  We got along great!  Also, he said 4 places in the world that he’s always wanted to visit and one of them is Las Vegas.  I told him they now have a house there in Vegas and they said they would come and visit.  We marked a baptismal date too with his wife.  She just needs to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, but already likes the church.

We also have some other investigators that are progressing really well.  With them, it’s just a matter of time and I know that their prayers will be answered and they will know that the church is true.  So things are looking up now.

I’m still cheering for a nephew, but if I were to say what I really think it will be … I think it’ll be a girl.  Just because Kassie has the LeBaron gene in her and it’s strong and Peter has more sisters than brothers so … ya … I’m thinking the first one will be a girl.

Well, I have to run!  I hope you are all doing great!!  I miss you all tons!


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