Monday, February 25, 2013

Are We Listening?

(These birds are all over where Elder Fox is serving.)

Dear Family,

No … I still haven’t gotten the package.  :(  I’m hoping I’ll get it on Thursday because we have a Zone Conference.  Elder Mazagardi, a member of the Quorum of the 70 and 2nd Counselor in the Brazilian Area Presidency will come and give a training to us.  When we have Zone Conference, President brings all the letters and packages with him.  So let’s see.  If it doesn’t come by Thursday, then at least next week is transfers and I’ll get it then.  If I don’t go to the office, someone from my zone will, and will get it for me.  Hopefully it comes soon.

As for the experiences from this week … it was a trying one.  Two experiences that I had really stand out.  They both made me feel really good and reminded me once again, how we can be instruments in God's hands.  We just need to listen to the promptings.  They both happened Saturday night.  We had planned the day before to visit some less active members.  There was one name that stood out, so we decided to visit him.  We got to his house and low and behold, he wasn’t home.  His parents were there though.  We talked with his mom for a little bit and then asked her if we could come in and share a message.  She very excitedly accepted and then told us that she was wanting to invite us in but was nervous.  She wasn’t sure if we had time and didn’t wan’t to bother us.  She said she was praying that we would ask to come in.  So we went inside and she gave us some cake.  When she cut up the cake, she mentioned how she used to make that particular cake for the other missionaries that went there.  That day she was thinking about them and how much she missed when they would go to their house and how much they helped.  She said she had been going through some difficulties and hard times.  She thought about the missionaries and how they could help her.  That very same day, who shows up?  Us!

We taught her and her husband the Restoration and it was going too good, and then right at the spiritual point someone shows up calling on the husband.  So we paused to wait for him to come back and then their less active son shows up.  He came in and kind of killed the spirit.  We talked to him for a bit but we weren’t going anywhere.  I started just wanting to go.  He just talked and talked and talked and wouldn’t listen.  The thought came to my mind, “You’re beating a dead horse.”  Then I got a prompting to visit a family (a recent convert) that we had planned to visit.  I kept trying to subtly end the lesson but it wasn’t working.  I thought, “Oh well.  We can visit the family later.” thinking it might have been one of my thoughts to go there because it was getting late.  Then the thought came even stronger, “Leave and go visit the family.”  I thought, “Alright.  We have to go now.”  In a slightly blunt way (hopefully it didn’t offend him), I cut him off, explained what my companion was trying to explain, invited him to read the Book of Mormon again, asked if he would, and he started to go off on a huge philosophical thought and I stopped him and said, “It’s a yes or no question.”  (It was in a loving way.  Not a rude way.)  He stopped and thought and then said, “Yes!”  I stood up and said, “Great!  Sorry, we have to get going now.” and we left.  The only way we can share our message, and people can find the truth, is through the spirit.  Sometimes people fill their thoughts with all kinds of philosophies and thoughts of the world, and they don’t sit back and listen.  Not just listen to us … but listen to what they Lord is trying to tell them in their hearts.  The mother and Father felt that.  I know it.  Their son just needs to add a little faith and listening and he’ll get there too.  I’m anxious to meet with them again.

I thought it might be getting too late to go to the family's house, but then I thought, “Well … I felt we need to go there so we need to go whether or not they need us.  If they don’t need us, it’ll just be a quick visit.”  We got there and you could easily tell they weren’t very happy.  Something had happened.  My thoughts were, “Let’s cheer them up!”  We played some participation games like “Japanese Writing” and got everyone laughing and having a good time.  Once everyone had a smile on their faces, we gave them a message that was very spiritual.  You could feel the spirit fill that room … that house.  And of course, before we left we said a prayer.  Then we left.  It was exactly the boost that family needed.  It was an inspired visit and I felt so good to be an instrument again in God's hands.  He knows the needs of all of us.  My mission teaches me this everyday.  The question is … do we fill our minds with things and thoughts of the world?  Or do we listen?  I hope I never find myself not listening.

Well, my times up.  Sorry this is so rushed, but I have to go.  I love you guys a ton!


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