Monday, March 25, 2013

The Date Is Set! Plans Are Made!

(Elder Fox ... leaving for his mission April 27th, 2011 ... hugging his family for the last time for two years.)
("Soooo ... tell everyone, April 18th I'm hugging my Mom again!!!  And then the rest of my family!"  - Elder Fox)
Dear family

Hey guys what’s up?  How’s life?  I’m doing good but I’m so hungry.  Let me explain why.  Basically … I’m broke!  haha  Where I'm living right now, it’s not in the area we serve.  Actually, we live rather far from our area.  The house that was lived in before was infested with cockroaches and rats!  Thank goodness we got moved!!!  What that means though is that every morning and night we have to take about an hour bus ride to our area and home.  A passage on the bus is 3 reais so we spend 6 reais a day.  The money we receive, we get on the 15th and the 1st … so every 15 days.  In 15 days we spend 90 reais just on the bus!  They are giving us more money now so we can take the bus and still live.  However, there was a bit of confusion and I only received 130 reais, so that leaves me with 40 reais for food, deodorant, soap … basically everything.  Well … my money and food ran out.  So this morning it took awhile to get to our area, we’re writing now, and then I’m going to grab a bite to eat.  That will be my meal for the day.  Basically, until the 31st, I’ll be living off of my own personal money or money that the members give us for lunch.  We usually get money so I’ve been trying to be thrifty with my money to get me through.  Oh the joys of the mission.  haha

Friday, March 15, 2013

My Last Transfer Ever!

(Goodbye Sorocaba ...)
(... Hello Cequeira Cesar.)
Dear family

Sooo.....I was transferred  :(  Man I was really bummed.  And the worst part of it all was where I went.  During my last transfer, I was chit chatting with Elder Irlan about where I would want to go if I got transferred.  I said I would go anywhere, I just didn’t want to go to Cequeira Cesar.  Well … it‘s exactly what happened!  Of course that’s what happened.  haha  For you to have an idea of where I’m working now, just think of down town New York.  That’s where I am.  Just huge apartment buildings and lots of people on the streets who don’t live in my area.  It’s kind of tough but we’ll make the best of it.  With every challenge comes new opportunities.  I'm sure this is where the Lord wants me so I'll give it my best.  Look up on Google images “Avenida Paulista”.  (It’s the name of an avenue here in my area that’s pretty famous.  It gives you an idea of where I’m at.)  My companion is pretty good.  That makes the transfer easier.

Monday, March 4, 2013

"What Am I Willing To Give ..."

(Elder Fox FINALLY got his package letting him know if he was getting a niece or nephew!!!)
(IT'S A BOY!!!  A new little nephew coming just after Elder Fox gets back home!)
Dear Family!!

Congrats for the son Kassie!!!!!!  I’m going to have a nephew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes … I FINALLY got the package!!  That’s awesome!!!!  I’ve already decided that I’m only going to talk to him in Portuguêse and he'll be fluent in no time.  And Peter can speak to him only in Spanish and he'll speak 3 languages as a little kid.  Or … it’ll totally mess up his speaking abilities!  haha  Who knows.  In the letter Kass, you said that he was sleeping when you went to get the ultrasound and wouldn’t wake up.  He must take after Peter!  haha  But that’s awesome!  It’s also kind of weird.  It’s like you said Kassie, it didn’t really hit me before, that you’re going to be a mom.  Now that I know what its going to be, it‘s really hit.  That’s so weird that you’re going to be a mom Kass.  : )  Like … moms always seem so much older.  But you’re my "lil’ sis"!  I grew up with you and now you’re going to have a child!  That’s really weird.  And really cool at the same time.  On the plus side, it’s not my kid so I can spoil and play with him … and once he starts crying … I can just pass him off to you guys.  haha