Monday, December 24, 2012

"Merry 'Sweaty' Christmas Eve!"

(Elder Fox with Daiane and his painting.)

(Elder Fox at Daiane's baptism.)

Tomorrows the day!!!!  Man … it doesn’t feel like Christmas Eve at all!!  That’s a good thing because I’m not getting home sick!  I’m sure if it was "Christmassy" here, I’d probably catch a bad case of homesickness.  Anyway, I’ll probably call around 10ish … your time.  I’ve got everything set up already.  We’re going to call from an investigator’s/member’s house.  I’ll use her laptop and she tested the Skype out yesterday.  Everything’s all set up.

As far as the packages go … I got one of them.  Chances are I won’t have the other package and envelope by tomorrow.  I don’t think I’ll be able to open up the envelope with everyone.  No worries.  Thanks for the packages though!!  The one that came, I noticed that the paper on some is torn a little bit so I left them in the box.  However, it was a big temptation to sneak a peek.  haha  President doesn’t do anything really for us on Christmas.  A while before, we have a Zone Conference and it’s a special one for Christmas.  It's not too different from normal conferences, but we do a white elephant gift exchange.  Ours was on the first Wednesday of December.  So it’s a ways before, but it was a lot of fun.

Elder Jubette was transferred.  I’m still here in Progresso and now I’m here with Elder Irlan.  He’s Brazilian too.  I think I’ll only get Brazilian companions.  He’s from Pedro Leopoldo (the city) … Minas Gerais (the state).  When I was transferred from Cidade Nova, he went there and took my place.  There’s a picture of a baptism that happened after I was transferred from there on my blog.  My companion, Elder J. Almeida is in white.  It‘s the other Elder in the photo.  He's cool.  Kind of different but a hard worker so I like him.  He doesn’t complain about having to go far to visit people and to do contacts so that is wonderful!

This last week was good!  We had a baptism!!!  Daiane was baptized!  Her baptism was really cool and she’s really firm.  I’ll try and send some pictures if I can.  She also gave me a painting of me.  She made one for Elder Jubette and a member that has been visiting her with us.  Then she finished mine before her baptism and gave it to me there.  It’s funny.  She asked if she could have a bit of fun with it and exaggerate things a little bit.  I said, “Ya!”  When I got it, I discovered why.  In the painting I’m sweating a bunch.  It made me laugh because during this time of year … I’m always sweating!

Well, I’m sorry this is so short.  I’m going to try to send some photos home really quick and I’m low on time.  On the plus side … I’ll call home tomorrow so it’ll make up for being so short!  : )  I love you guys so much!!!  I miss you all!


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