Friday, March 15, 2013

My Last Transfer Ever!

(Goodbye Sorocaba ...)
(... Hello Cequeira Cesar.)
Dear family

Sooo.....I was transferred  :(  Man I was really bummed.  And the worst part of it all was where I went.  During my last transfer, I was chit chatting with Elder Irlan about where I would want to go if I got transferred.  I said I would go anywhere, I just didn’t want to go to Cequeira Cesar.  Well … it‘s exactly what happened!  Of course that’s what happened.  haha  For you to have an idea of where I’m working now, just think of down town New York.  That’s where I am.  Just huge apartment buildings and lots of people on the streets who don’t live in my area.  It’s kind of tough but we’ll make the best of it.  With every challenge comes new opportunities.  I'm sure this is where the Lord wants me so I'll give it my best.  Look up on Google images “Avenida Paulista”.  (It’s the name of an avenue here in my area that’s pretty famous.  It gives you an idea of where I’m at.)  My companion is pretty good.  That makes the transfer easier.

I was pretty bummed when I got the call about transfers.  The Assistant (a good friend of mine) was who called us.  He said, “You’re going to like these transfers Elder fox!  (I got really excited because he knew I wanted to stay.)  He said, "So Elder Wible is coming to Progresso."  I got really excited because he is the Elder I always wanted as a companion and the one that’s going to BYU Idaho.  Then after a slight pause, he said, "And he is going to serve with Elder Irlan.  You were transferred."  That got me pretty down.  He did the same thing to Elder Wible.  He said, “Elder … you were transferred to Progresso.  Do you know who’s there?”  He said, “Elder fox?!!”  The Assistant said, “Yes!”  Elder Wible then got really excited and said, “I don’t believe it!!!”  Then the Assistant said, “Ya but he was transferred.”  haha  I came so close to getting the companion of my dreams.

As for me … I’ve been getting rained on a lot and am trying to get to know the area.  I’m having such a hard time.  It sucks getting transferred on your last transfer because, try as you might, the thought comes … “Why get to know the area.  I'll go home in a few weeks.”  These thoughts are killing me.  I’m trying to get them out of my mind.  It’s tough though.  I’m not going to lie.  But I'm not slowing down!  I'm sprinting until the end!!!  The ward seems … alright.  It's cool because there are a bunch of people from other countries here, including a lot of Americans.  But my mind got so messed up on Sunday.  It's hard to keep switching languages.  I had people talking to me in English … then Portuguêse … then English … then Spanish!  Oh man!  It was a mess!  I can understand Spanish pretty good.  I was surprised.  The problem is, I can’t remember how to say anything.  I was chatting with this lady from Mexico and she could understand English, but not speak it.  Her Portuguêse was so so … so I spoke to her in English.  She responded to me in Spanish and we chatted that way.  Wow!  It was weird swapping languages like I was doing.

Well … I don’t have too much more time.  My companion is dying and we need to go grab some medicine for him.  He’s complaining that we have to go now … even though the time isn’t up.  I’m going to have to end my email early so I can try and help him out.  I love you guys tons!!!  And I miss you all a bunch!


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  1. Miss u Élder Fox ): Sorocaba, ala Progresso sente sua falta.