Monday, March 4, 2013

"What Am I Willing To Give ..."

(Elder Fox FINALLY got his package letting him know if he was getting a niece or nephew!!!)
(IT'S A BOY!!!  A new little nephew coming just after Elder Fox gets back home!)
Dear Family!!

Congrats for the son Kassie!!!!!!  I’m going to have a nephew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes … I FINALLY got the package!!  That’s awesome!!!!  I’ve already decided that I’m only going to talk to him in Portuguêse and he'll be fluent in no time.  And Peter can speak to him only in Spanish and he'll speak 3 languages as a little kid.  Or … it’ll totally mess up his speaking abilities!  haha  Who knows.  In the letter Kass, you said that he was sleeping when you went to get the ultrasound and wouldn’t wake up.  He must take after Peter!  haha  But that’s awesome!  It’s also kind of weird.  It’s like you said Kassie, it didn’t really hit me before, that you’re going to be a mom.  Now that I know what its going to be, it‘s really hit.  That’s so weird that you’re going to be a mom Kass.  : )  Like … moms always seem so much older.  But you’re my "lil’ sis"!  I grew up with you and now you’re going to have a child!  That’s really weird.  And really cool at the same time.  On the plus side, it’s not my kid so I can spoil and play with him … and once he starts crying … I can just pass him off to you guys.  haha

As for me, I’m doing good.  It’s so weird that I haven’t gotten my travel plans yet.  You usually get them on your second to last transfer and my second to last transfer is over now.  Yet nothing still.  So no clue what time I get home.  As for a party day … I don’t care if we have it on Friday or Saturday.  For me, either one works.  The benefit for Friday is that I’ll have Saturday to prepare for my talk.  The benefit of Saturday would be people coming.  Lindsey had mentioned to me that they have finals the week I get home.  But I was thinking … if we have it on Saturday, that’ll give a bit more time for my friends who are off at school and who are planning on coming home, to get home.  Hopefully they could go to the party.  Also, I don’t know if that’ll be the last week of exams of if there are more after that.  I have no clue.  Basically Mom … you can decide.  Talking about my homecoming … can you find out what my talk will be about?  I want to start tossing around some ideas so that way I don’t have to rush everything last minute while I’m wanting to hang out with family.  When I get home I’ll want to take it easy a bit.  If you could find out, that would be nice.

I had some questions about the trip down here?  Are we still planning on coming down?  Have you guys booked tickets yet?  What about a passport and visas?  You guys will need them to come down here.  Do you think I’ll need to get another visa because mine is a religious visa and it’ll be good until June?  I’m not sure if I can use it to travel, mainly because its in the name of the church.  However, I won’t be here on church business.  You guys should look into that if you haven’t yet.  Get it done soon because visas take a while and if we’re coming down, it has to get taken care of soon.  Just in case it takes a while to get the visa.  You never answered my question about the car mom.  Do you want this member here, who can rent cars out cheaper, to book one for when we come down?  I kind of have to know so he can do it ahead of time.  He said he need a heads up to do it.  So please let me know.

As for me, I’m doing good.  Last week was a pretty good one!  We had a baptism yesterday.  She had been going to church for a long time and finally decided that she wanted to get baptized.  She told us and we said, “Of course!  We’ll make it happen!”  She got baptized Sunday after the meetings and will be confirmed next Sunday.

We had a training given by Elder Mazzagardi on Thursday and man it was good!!!  He talked about a ton of stuff.  One of the things he said, that also Elder Christensen said, was that we are living in a marvelous time right now.  (Both talking about the new missionary age, the huge number of missionaries, and the creation of new missions because of the huge number.)  He said that they had a meeting with the leaders of the church and someone asked why they decided to change the missionary age.  President Monson's response was that, "The Lord is hastening His work".  I got goose bumps when he said that!  During his training he covered so many different topics but one of them really stood out to me.  It gave me a bit of motivation to keep on going.  He asked a couple of times, “What are you willing to give for your salvation?”  That really hit me because if you ask someone if they want to gain salvation, everyone will say, “Yes!”  But it’s through our daily acts that we answer that question.  Now that question keeps coming to my mind.  When I get frustrated by something, or when I’m exhausted from doing so many contacts and running people down, and am thinking about stopping because I’m the only one doing it.  Every time that happens I think, “What am I willing to give to my Lord and for my salvation?”  Can I give a bit more effort?  Can I push myself a bit harder?  It’s such an awesome question to ask yourself.  He finished by saying it again, but then adding one more commentary, "What are you willing to give for your salvation?  God gave us His Son."  For me, that’s such a motivation because whatever effort I give, will never ever come close to what Heavenly Father gave for us.  He watched His son go through pain and suffering for us.  He gave His son!  I owe him my best.  I can sure try my hardest to give all that I can for the thing that I want most.

Today is transfers and I’ll try and send news to you guys on if I go or stay.  Chances are I’ll get transferred.  I hope I’ll stay because I don’t want to go and finish my mission in an area where I don’t know anyone.  All the members have that silly idea that, “Oh, he’s finishing his mission.  He’s already dead and not working.”  If I’m transferred, I won’t tell anyone how much time I have left.  haha  Then I’ll be able to work and get help.  Yesterday the Stake President’s family from my last area, came to see me,  I’ll probably ask their son to tell Britt what happens with the transfers.  (He’s friends with her on facebook and my #1 candidate for her.)

Anyways … gotta go!  I love you guys a ton!  I miss you all!!


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